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Is sex good for you? Or has the sizzle in your relationship just…fizzled? If you’ve started wondering whether sex is worth the effort anymore—or if you just long to add back the truly intimate, energizing, joyful sex that you and your partner used to enjoy—you need to read this…

The Bottom Line Guide to Better Sex has help for limpid libidos, waning desire, vaginal discomfort, erectile issues—even plain old boredom and inertia—and other problems that dampen ardor and stifle the close physical intimacy you both deserve to have. Whether you are a man or a woman, our naturopathic and medical experts address your most intimate concerns and offer proven, practical solutions, such as what foods—besides oysters!—will get your sex hormones sizzling again…the importance of your “sexual IQ”…why it’s good to keep score—as long as you do it this way…an herb that stimulates blood flow “down there” (for men and women)…romantic help from essential oils…a trick that athletes use that helps men in the bedroom…and much more (including some surprising ways to enhance your pleasure that you probably didn’t know!).

Here are the details about these and other wonderful ways to relight your fire, have fun—and make sex a joy again…


Pillow Talk That Brings Results

Have More Fun In Bed! All It Takes Is Some Sexual Intelligence

The Libido-Boosting Mind-Set That Will Make You Love Sex Again

The Rating System for Better Sex

Should You Have Sex Just to Please Your Partner?

Aphrodisiacs and Grown-Up Toys (That Actually Work)

Dr. Rubman On Natural Aphrodisiacs for Men and Women


Herbal Love Potions with Proof to Back Them Up

Foods That’ll Turn You (and Your Partner!) On

Flowers That Get You In the Mood for Love

Feeding Your Libido-Boosting Hormones

Six Easy Exercises That Increase Your Pleasure In Bed


Surprising Facts About Vibrators and Who Uses Them

Women: What Really Helps

Women: Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally

The Truth About Women’s Sexual Desire

Pleasure-Enhancing Feminine Parts You Never Knew You Had

Natural Topical Remedies for Vaginal Dryness


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Personal Lubricants But Were Embarrassed to Ask

Natural Cures for Vaginal Itch, Irritation and Dryness (E-Book)

Men: What You Want to Know (But Don’t Want to Ask)

Men: The Secret to Better Erections

Yoga for Men: The Secret to a Flat Stomach, Health Heart and Better Sex

Your Changing Body…

Americans Reveal Truth About How Aging Affects Their Sex Lives


Frequent Sex—Even As You Get Older—May Boost Mental Health and Happiness

Intimacy After a Long Dry Spell

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