Kitchen Gadgets That Make Great Gifts

Date: December 1, 2016      Publication: Bottom Line Personal      Source:  Linda Gassenheimer,      Print:

Kitchen gadgets make great holiday gifts. Here are six cleverly useful ones for $20 or less…

11-inch Kuhn Rikon Kochblume Spill Stopper: How many times has your pot of rice or pasta boiled over? This colorful lid solves that problem. It sits on top of a saucepan (six to 10 inches in diameter) and prevents pasta, soups and other dishes from spilling over. It also works as a microwave splatter guard. $20.



Kuhn Rikon Silicone Toaster Oven Sheet: This silicone mat keeps food from spilling on your toaster oven racks and coils. It sits on the rack, and the food goes right on the sheet. My husband was worried his cheese toast wouldn’t come out crispy, but it did! No oils or cooking sprays needed. $15.p_10_toasterovensheet_r_cmykTaylor Plan & Prep Four-Event Timer with Whiteboard: You can monitor four cooking times at once—and each of the four timers has a different alarm tone. The small attached dry erase whiteboard allows you to make a note of which timer is for which dish. It can stand on the counter or hang with a magnet and uses two AA batteries. $12.p_10_plan-prep-four-event-timer-with-whiteboardRonco Meat Tenderizer: This gadget makes steaks and other meat tender and flavorful. The 72 stainless steel blades penetrate the meat, creating channels for rubs and marinades to infuse into the cuts. It reduces marinating times—depending on the type of meat and marinade, it can cut marinating time in half. $13.


Kuhn Rikon Mise en Place Cooking Set: This colorful set of three measuring containers makes it easy to measure liquids and solids. Each measuring cup can be laid flat on a cutting board so that you can quickly and easily fill the cup with whatever you are prepping. Each one measures from one-quarter to two cups. $10.


p_10_jj_mcuisine_ricecooker_45002_r3Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Rice Cooker: Make perfect rice and grains in your microwave oven with this rice cooker. It comes with a two-liter cooking pot and lid made of BPA-free polypropylene, a colander, a measuring cup and a rice paddle that also locks the lid closed and becomes a carrying handle. $20.


Source: Linda Gassenheimer is an award-winning author of several cookbooks including Delicious One-Pot Dishes and Quick & Easy Chicken. Most recently, she created the recipes for Beat Diabetes Now! She writes the syndicated newspaper column “Dinner in Minutes.”