Natural Healing Secrets for Women

To Live Pain-Free, Take Care of Your Fascia: Here’s How

Fascia, which connects muscles, organs and bones, affects chronic pain, posture and movement. Here, the best exercises and therapies for fascial health.

Aging for Beginners

Was It Jerry? Why Animals Help Us Age Better

Our love of animals can be a life-extending lifeline for many, as pets provide not just companionship but also purpose.


Medicine Made by Bees! How Honey, Pollen and Propolis Can Help You Heal

Bee products such as honey, pollen and propolis are good medicine. Here’s how to use them to treat coughs, sore throats, allergies, wounds and more…


Got Diabetes? Here’s How to Do a Better Job of Tracking Your Glucose

For decades, people with diabetes have relied on finger sticks to track their blood sugar. Continuous glucose monitoring is worth considering. Read on…

Diseases & Conditions

Vitiligo: Still Incurable—But New Treatments Offer Hope

Vitiligo remains a mysterious skin disorder, but treatments are available. Here are the latest options—and future possibilities…


Digestive Supplements—What Works…and What Doesn’t

Rave reviews do not mean science backs claims made for activated charcoal, bromelain and other digestive supplements. Here’s what really works...

Low Blood Pressure

Is My Blood Pressure Too Low?

High blood pressure is a widely recognized health threat, but blood pressure that’s too low also can be harmful. Read on for details…


How To Remember Names With Ease

Use simple strategies like repetition and association


Is Stress Getting the Best of You? Your Adrenal Glands May Be Burned Out

If you feel overwhelmed by stress and exhausted, adrenal fatigue may be the root cause. Here’s a simple three-step plan to restore your vitality…


3 Sleep Apps That Help Ease You into Slumber

If you feel tired all the time, a sleep app can help you see how your shuteye is suffering. Here, a sleep specialist’s three favorite sleep apps…


Opioids After Surgery? Not So Fast

Opioids have been commonly used to control pain after surgery, but this approach is being modified with new nonaddictive methods. Read on…

Common Threads

Save Yourself First from Coronavirus…and Beyond

Simple and cheap ways to reduce our odds of transmitting and contracting the coronavirus. Yes…you…can


The Truth Behind Hydroxychloroquine and the Coronavirus—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Doctors are seeing success in treating coronavirus with hydroxychloroquine, yet research studies say there are problems. Here is the truth.

Aging for Beginners

ZZZ Warning—This Article Could Put You to Sleep (That’s a Good Thing!)

Monitor your sleep as carefully as you watch your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you struggle, here are suggestions from my universe of experts.

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

Don’t Let Spinal or Epidural Anesthesia Give You a Headache

New mothers are especially at risk of migraine after giving birth, whether vaginal or by C-section. Self-defense against this anesthesia side effect.