What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

Your Medical Record: Is it Truly Yours?

Who owns your medical record? Is it you, the doctor or healthcare organization(s)? What if you’ve seen doctors at different hospitals and clinics? The answers may surprise you.

Seaweed May Treat Skin Cancer and MRSA

Investigators specializing in ocean algae and fungi have discovered extracts that may be used to treat the dangerous skin infection MRSA as well as melanoma skin cancer.

Mental Health

How to Get Trauma Out of Your Body and Truly Heal

Trauma—from rape, abusive parents, combat an accident, etc.—harms your body and your brain. Here are four methods proven to help you heal.


Medications That Threaten Your Thyroid

The thyroid gland is affected by everyday drugs for heartburn, high blood pressure and more—as well as certain supplements. How to protect yourself…

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Chronic Indigestion Relieved with Acupuncture

Chronic indigestion had no obvious cause—no ulcers or negative findings in the colonoscopy. But Traditional Chinese Medicine brought relief. Learn how.


New Microbiome Therapy Fights Recurrent Vaginal Infections

Bacterial vaginosis is a common, difficult-to-treat vaginal infection, but inserting healthy bacteria into the vagina may be a solution. Study details…

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

When Menopause Causes Arthritis…How to Ease the Pain and Get Back to Life

Occasional discomfort in hand joints progressed so that daily tasks—typing, cooking, carrying groceries—were painful. Here’s the way to relief.


A Simple Pill Could Block Severe Allergic Reactions

If you’re allergic to certain drugs or food, anaphylaxis is a constant threat. Now, a new study shows that a medication to prevent this deadly reaction may be on the horizon.

Cardiovascular Disease

IVF Offers Clues to Future Health Problems

For women who undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF), the process may provide warnings of future heart problems and osteoporosis. New study details…

Blood Pressure

Positive Thinking Could Help Prevent a Stroke

Stroke sufferers who think positively about their health have lower blood pressure and reduced risk for a future stroke. New study details…


Five Ways to Stay Energized Despite the Heat

When staying in air-conditioning isn't an option, what to wear, eat, do to maintain energy levels.


Hands Off! How to Stop Touching Your Face

You know it’s bad for you, but why do you touch your face so much and, more important, how can you stop yourself? Here are the answers you need.

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

Humans vs. Virus: Curing Hepatitis C

In the battle against COVID-19, we can find hope from another long-feared viral disease, hepatitis C. If you are at high risk, talk to your doctor about getting tested.


Mosquito-borne Illness: What You Need to Know Now

Mosquitoes are one of the deadliest creatures on the planet. Which diseases to worry most about and the best ways to ward off these bloodsuckers.


Buying Eyeglasses Online? The Traps to Avoid

A basic prescription for nearsighted vision or reading is easier online. A more complicated Rx—for astigmatism or progressive lenses—is more risky.