Eye Diseases

Contact Lens Keeps Nearsightedness from Getting Worse

Myopia (nearsightedness) in children is growing in prevalence and severity. A new contact lens slows progression of myopia while correcting vision.

Cardiovascular Disease

E-Cigarettes May Harm the Heart More Than Regular Cigarettes

A landmark study presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions finds the products in e-cigs and vape pens cause heart problems.

Aging for Beginners

Dental Tourism: The Good, the Bad and the Molar

Don’t risk bankruptcy due to health-care costs. Consider medical and dental tourism. Great care can be had for a fraction of the cost.

Your Personal Mind-Body Coach

Stop Feeling Guilty When You Eat Something You “Shouldn’t”

Setbacks like having an unplanned dessert aren’t that big a deal; it’s the guilt, shame, and remorse you bombard yourself with that throw you off.

Mental Health

Beat Loneliness by Caring for Your Grandkids

Being a grandparent has lots of rewards. Now, new research shows that caring for the grandkids can even help prevent loneliness. The details…

Diet & Nutrition

You May Be Dehydrated and Not Know It Until It’s Too Late

Feeling tired? Have a headache? Mild muscle cramps? You might be dehydrated

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Simple Relief from Lefty-Related Hand and Wrist Pain

Lefties, take note! If writing causes you hand and/or wrist pain, here’s the mistake you’re probably making…and the simple solution for relief.


Protecting Your Eyes in a Screen-Focused World

Protect your eyes against unhealthy changes caused by constant focus on close-up screens—such as myopia, dry eye, cataracts and macular degeneration.

Mental Health

Diagnosing Autism in Adulthood Still Helps

Getting autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosed when you’re an adult can connect you with services, programs and groups that improve your life.

Breast Cancer

Heads-Up, Women: Hair Dye and Chemical Straighteners Linked to Breast Cancer

New research shows a real link between these hair products and breast cancer—a risk that has perplexed scientists for years due to mixed findings…

Women's Sexual Wellness

The Other Reasons Why Women Lose Interest in Sex After Menopause

Menopause can definitely put a damper on a woman’s libido. But new research uncovers reasons why that aren’t usually talked about. Read on...

Common Threads

Managing Your Family’s Food in the New Year

Have you heard of a "feeding disorder"? It's the obsessive need for parents to worry about and control the intake of loved ones. Are you complicit?

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

Your Best New Year’s Resolution? Go Against the Grain

Many people make New Year’s resolutions that are broken by Valentine’s Day. But, if you plan to keep one resolution, let it be this…

At the Heart of It All

Are You Ready to Transform? Join me!

Change may be scary but it can also be the most exciting part of life. Are you ready to shake it up and transform? To live more fully from your heart?

Common Threads

My 6 Favorite Stress Busters Good for Any Situation

When tensions rise and tempers flare, my 6 favorite anywhere anytime stress busters can help calm you down.