Is a Beta-Blocker Right For You

If you have high blood pressure or have had a heart attack, your doctor probably prescribed a beta-blocker. But many people taking these drugs are taking the wrong one…or don’t...


5 Myths About Couples and Sleep

Fixes for insomnia, restless legs and other sleep problems caused by sleeping with your partner.


Prepare Now for Medical Emergency While Traveling

Take the following steps before your international journey to minimize the odds that a medical emergency will ruin your trip, your finances or your life

Diseases & Conditions

The Real Cause of Heart Disease

For decades, cholesterol has been blamed for heart disease, but cholesterol has little to do with it. Instead, insulin and insulin resistance are the culprits.


Survival of the Fittest

Regular exercisers and endurance athletes live about three to six years longer than the general population. But what is conferring…

Generic Medicine

Don’t Throw Away Good Medicine

We all have medications we needed for a one-time concern that end up being shoved in the back of the…


Keeping Your Own Medical Record

The longer you live, the more encounters you have with the health care system. After a while, you may forget…

Diseases & Conditions

Is That Spot Dangerous

Some of us age with subtle, gradual, changes in our complexions, while others show dramatic effects from a lifetime of…


Back to School Safety Across Generations

Every year, I put together a back-to-school protocol to help children and their families succeed with the exciting, yet always…


The Surprising Cause of Peripheral Neuropathy

The pain arrives mainly at night: burning, tingling, or electric-shock stabbing that stymies sleep. Just covering your feet with a…

Eye Health

New and Improved Cataract Care

Claude Monet, one of the founders of the Impressionist style of art, was known for using a bright, light palette…

Mental Health

Stress Less

A step-by-step guide to getting through any crisis and coming out stronger.


Back to Fitness

Exercising with back pain doesn’t have to be painful with these simple steps.

Diseases & Conditions

Tired? Forgetful? Rising Cholesterol? Think Thyroid

Low inside the front of your neck lies a gland that produces hormones to help regulate the energy use and…


Is This Normal?

Thickened, discolored nails happen often with age. One of the most common causes is a fungal infection called onychomycosis, which…