At the Heart of It All

Dr. Google vs. Your Doctor: Who Do You Trust the Most?

Patients no longer seek advice from their doctors. They search the Internet and come in with well-formed opinions. But Dr. Google has a dark side.


Is This “Safe” Opioid Painkiller Addictive?

Some opioid painkillers are considered more addictive than others. Here’s what the new research shows about tramadol…

Breast Cancer

6 Signs That DCIS Is Likely to Become Invasive Breast Cancer

Most women choose surgery and radiation even though DCIS usually doesn’t become invasive breast cancer. New guidelines help make a better choice.

Bone Health

Do Running Shoe Sensors Prevent Injury?

Sock and shoe-insole sensors that are supposed to prevent stress fractures and shin splints measure the wrong data. What you really need to know.


Does Lasik Eye Surgery Mean No More Glasses?

Choosing Lasik surgery so you never again have to wear eyeglasses or contacts can lead to disappointment. Here’s what to really expect...


The Scary New Opioid: Disuvia. It’s “10 Times Stronger Than Fentanyl!” – with Bob Stutman

With opioids like morphine, Vicodin, Oxycontin and fentanyl contributing to “the worst drug epidemic in modern American history,” Bob Stutman,…

Sexual Wellness

Six Myths About Male Sexuality

Do men crave sex more than women? Are they always in the mood? Do men enjoy “the chase?” The honest answers may surprise both genders.

Diet & Nutrition

7 Surprising Foods that Beat Disease

From mangoes to purple potatoes—some foods can actually beat disease

Common Threads

Why I Don’t Like to Be First on Line

Americans love being first on line to get shiny new toys. When it comes to health discoveries, step to the back of the line. It could save your life.


Do We Finally Know What Causes Alzheimer’s?

A bacterial infection that spreads to the brain might cause Alzheimer’s disease. Treating the infection could halt or prevent the dementia.


New Ulcer Treatment Guidelines Help Dodge Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is making antibiotic therapy against the H. pylori bacterium less effective. New guidelines treat ulcers with much less risk...

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Hidden Cause of Neck and Shoulder Pain: Low Hormones

Kara’s neck and shoulder pain had grown so acute she could hardly fasten her bra. Here’s the three-pronged approach that brought relief.


The Rules of Mattress and Pillow Shopping – with America’s Sleep Doctor Michael Breus

With an influx of online mattress companies joining the already crowded space of sleep technology, clinical psychologist and Diplomate of…

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

A Fishy Explanation for Achy Knees and Hips

Eduardo was generally in good health, but had knee and hip pain that came and went without any apparent reason. Then we looked at his eating habits…


Health Alert: Legionnaires’ Is on the Rise

Keep hearing news about outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease? That’s because this virulent bacterial infection is on the rise. How to protect yourself.