Diseases & Conditions

What You Still Don’t Know About The Coronavirus

Here are the facts you probably haven’t heard . . .

Diseases & Conditions

Power Up Your Immunity

To help guard against viruses, you know about diligent hand-washing, but it’s also wise to follow a natural immune-boosting regimen…

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Bye, Bye Baker’s Cyst: No Cortisone, Drugs or Knee Surgery

The patient’s “rheumatic” knee grew a painful cyst. Dr. Rubman found the real cause (diet—not arthritis) and healed the cyst with natural treatments.


For the Cleanest Hands—Sing This!

This French folk tune helps children and adults get in all six steps of the WHO-recommended 30-second best way to wash hands.

Common Threads

We Are Strangling Ourselves from Tightness

Tight muscles? Neck pain? Back pain? Welcome to the club. I’m tired of strangling myself from stress and poor posture. The solution—stretching!

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

The Pros and Cons of Chiropractic Care

Is chiropractic care right for you, or is there a better approach to healing musculoskeletal pain? And what should you do when an injury happens?

Diet & Nutrition

Tackling the Complicated Relationship Between Food, Hormones and Disease – with Dr. Neal Barnard

In this edition of the Bottom Line Advocator podcast, we asked Dr. Barnard to dive into the complicated world of hormones—and more specifically, to explain how what we eat dramat...

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

Is a Medical Miracle in Your Future?

Why a miracle cure for sickle cell disease gives hope for patients with cancer, neurologic, autoimmune, endocrine and other "hopeless" diseases.

At the Heart of It All

The Business of Medicine: A Doctor Speaks the Truth

Hospitals have changed from simply caretaking facilities that take care of people to money makers focused on maximizing billing and the bottom line.

Blood Pressure

Postprandial Hypotension: When Eating Makes You Dizzy

Feeling faint or dizzy after eating might be caused by postprandial hypotension, a common condition among older adults. Here’s what you can do about it.

Women's Health

Pregnancy Exercises That Don’t Put Abdominal Muscles at Risk

The wrong kind of exercises put pregnant women are at higher risk for diastasis recti, separation of abdominal muscles. Here’s how to stay fit safely.

Health Care Professionals

Physical Therapy Can Ease Suffering for End-of-Life Patients

Most people don’t think of physical therapy (PT) as part of end-of-life-care, but they should. Here are the ways PT can give comfort to these patients…

Eye Diseases

Contact Lens Keeps Nearsightedness from Getting Worse

Myopia (nearsightedness) in children is growing in prevalence and severity. A new contact lens slows progression of myopia while correcting vision.

Cardiovascular Disease

E-Cigarettes May Harm the Heart More Than Regular Cigarettes

A landmark study presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions finds the products in e-cigs and vape pens cause heart problems.