Nature Doc's Patient Diary

A Natural Medicine Advocate at the Hospital Emergency Department

When James went to the hospital for chest pain and shortness of breath, he wanted a natural medicine advocate to guard and guide him.

At the Heart of It All

In the Wake of Violence, Where Do You Stand?

More people are putting emotion aside, as the violence in our society starts to feel more normal. What are we without compassion or empathy?


Get the Attention You Need in the Emergency Room

Your choice of words in the emergency room could affect the quality of your care. Here's what to say—and what not to say.


Medical Research That You Can Trust

Not all studies are set up to be impartial. What you should know before you make any lifestyle changes.


Smart Ways to Keep Track of Your Medical Records

Over your lifetime, you’ll get medical care from dozens of providers. Here’s how to keep track of all these important records…


How to Get to Yes When Medicare Advantage Says No

Don’t assume “no” is the final word. Here’s how you can fight back and win your claim.


Is Your Doctor’s Office Good Enough for a Seal of Approval?

Should you be impressed when a health-care provider touts an “accreditation” and seal of approval? Here’s what all those “credentials” really mean.


Are You Reading Too Much into Research Studies?

Medicine is moving away from one-size-fits-all, but research is lagging. Even well-meaning studies get it wrong and their findings could hurt you.


Does Your Insurance Company Know Too Much About You?

Health insurance companies can retain your medical records under certain circumstances. Here’s what they can do with your private health info.

Common Threads

Fix It from the Inside Out

Why do we tolerate “Band-Aid fixes” in our lives? They may work fast, but they don’t work right.  Bottom Line Inc’s CEO Sarah Hiner explains.

Common Threads

Never Leave a Loved One Alone in the Hospital

If you love someone, don't leave him or her alone in the hospital. Bottom Line Inc's CEO Sarah Hiner shares her personal experiences and advice.


Patient “Advocates” You Can’t Trust

Beware: Some patient-advocacy groups are fronts for drug companies. How to get independent health information you can trust.


Check That Medical Bill

Mistakes on your medical bill are not just a problem for your insurance company. They could be costing you money!


How to Choose the Right Medical Advocate

There may be times when you can't make your own medical decisions, so it's crucial to designate a trustworthy person. Here, some points to consider...

The Advocator

We’re Mad As Hell and You Should Be, Too!

Almost EIGHT years, ago we published an eye-opening report titled Does Your Physician Have a Hidden Conflict of Interest? In…