Common Threads

Let’s Have an Old Farts March

Age is a process, not a limitation. Bottom Line Inc.'s CEO Sarah Hiner demands a social shift to stop ageist biases. It’s bad for us and our community.

The Natural Side of Menopause

Going Through Manopause? Natural Ways to Up Your Testosterone

Love handles, creeping blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol, hiccups in the bedroom can all hit men in midlife. But they don’t have to.


How Can I Make My Butt Look Younger?

Get a younger-looking butt with exercises that strengthen hips and spine and counteract the butt-flattening effects of too much sitting.


Getting Older Doesn’t Have to Mean Getting Weaker

If your bags seem heavier and you struggle to get out of your chair, you may have sarcopenia, or muscle loss. Here's how to fight it...and why you should.

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

How to Treat Health Problems When “Life” Is Not Living?

Are physicians really doing a disservice by prolonging a life that is rife with pain and suffering? The question is complicated and will only get more so.


The Best Anti-Aging Exercise for Your Muscles

Exercise benefits the body at any age, but a certain kind of exercise, new research finds, is particularly effective at…


Age Spots Be Gone!

Soaking in the sun can leave you with more than just wrinkles. Age spots—those flat, roundish marks that appear on…


PNF–The Physical Therapy You’ve Never Heard Of

If you have nagging joint pain in your hip or shoulder or suffer from mobility problems due to a neurological…


Keep Your Voice Young!

Is your voice making you sound old—maybe older than you are or feel? If you’ve been having concerns about the…


Afraid of Falling? This Could Increase Your Risk

A loose rug…a tottering gait…a powerful drug…and poor eyesight are all well-known causes of falls. But there’s a hidden risk…


Put an End to Those Negative Stereotypes About Old Age

"Old age" gets a bad rap. But the fact is, there are significant benefits that come with growing older. Here's how to make sure you get them...


Uncover Your Reserve of Wisdom

Our life experiences create the wisdom we have as we grow older. But we don’t always recognize what we have to offer. Here’s how to tap into that...


Find Out How Long You’ll Live

There’s a reason why Dickens’s A Christmas Carol has been popular for ages. We all want to peek into the…