Is Your Voice Shaky and Weak? Here’s the Checkup You Need

If your voice is weak or shaky, the right check-up will identify the cause—and the best therapies to make your voice strong again…

Aging for Beginners

How Coronavirus Might Save Your Life

A silver lining for coronavirus. It is shining a light on the self-defensive things we know we should do but perhaps have ignored…especially for the elderly.

Aging for Beginners

My Ultimate Secret to Beautiful Skin

The Bulgarian secret to beautiful, smooth skin… straight from a rug dealer in Moracco. My international story of beauty discovery.

Aging for Beginners

Will Scientific Breakthroughs Make Living Past 100 a Given?

New world of life science research is ending aging as we understand it today. New “BioAge” test and more.


What’s Really to Blame for Your Balance Problems…and How to Fix It

You don’t have to live with poor balance and the fear of falling. Here, the root causes of balance problems—and simple stretches to correct them…

Death & Dying

Facing an “Impossible” Health-Care Decision? How to Get the Help You Need

When tough calls must be made for a loved one’s life-threatening ailment, here’s the key hospital resource that can guide you…


My Hand Is Bruised…But Why Is My Finger Numb?

A simple hand bruise isn’t cause for concern. But when there’s also numbness, it raises more questions. Here’s how to sort it out...

Aging for Beginners

How to Plan a “Fun-er-al”

You’ve had a wonderful life…you can have a wonderful death. Get creative for your last act.


Is Ageism Making You Sick?

Older adults are the biggest consumers of health care but also vulnerable to poor care based on their age. How to protect yourself or a loved one…


The Art of Aging Gracefully—Sarah Hiner Talks to Adriane Berg

Adriane Berg, Esq., is a writer, a speaker and a pioneer in the field of longevity and aging.

Aging for Beginners

Help Loved Ones Add Joyful Years to Their Lives

Want to live longer? Phone a friend. Socializing is as important for health as proper nutrition and exercise.


A Healthy-Aging Superstar You Should Know About

Is there such a thing as a “fountain of youth”? Yes, say scientists who have discovered a healthy-aging superstar called fisetin. How it can help you…


Beyond Wrinkles…Top Treatments for Thinning Skin

Wrinkles aren’t the only thing making your skin look old. The latest ways to protect and improve thinning skin from a Harvard dermatologist…

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

PRP Magic: Look Younger, Feel Younger with Platelet-Rich Plasma

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy injects a patient’s own blood to jumpstart the healing process to rejuvenate skin, joints, sexual pleasure, more.

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Nursing Home Resident’s Vitality Restored—Naturally

Problems associated with aging—blood pressure, cholesterol, reflux—were actually due to nutrient deficiencies and impaired system function.