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From Gross to Great In Just One Hour

Mushrooms’ healing powers are far superior to most anything in nature…they prevent and treat cancer, heart disease, diabetes and all types of infections.

Alternative Treatments

Vinegar—the Most Underrated Condiment

Is vinegar a miracle elixir or just an old folk remedy?

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Weak Voice Restored Naturally

): Buster’s weak voice got worse after his doctor prescribed a two-week trial of acid suppressing meds. What worked: A natural approach for mild reflux and sinus congestion.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

The Pros and Cons of Chiropractic Care

Is chiropractic care right for you, or is there a better approach to healing musculoskeletal pain? And what should you do when an injury happens?

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

How Meeting Clint Eastwood Helped Me Find Naturopathic Medicine

Patients ask me how I became interested in natural medicine and being a naturopathic doctor. It involves meeting Clint Eastwood and taking his advice!

Alternative Treatments

The Potential Risks of Magic Mushrooms

Hallucinogens may be useful for treating depression and anxiety, but possible health risks remain.

Alternative Treatments

The Power of Detox: Safe Strategies from a Leading Natural Doctor—with Dr. Mark Stengler

Dr. Mark Stengler joins Bottom Line president Sarah Hiner to discuss the power of detox.

Alternative Treatments

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil – Sarah Hiner Talks with Dr. Hyla Cass

Dr. Hyla Cass joins Sarah Hiner to discuss why she uses CBD in her practice, how it has helped her patients and how it can help you.

Alternative Treatments

Reflexology for What Ails You

Learn the pressure points that relieve 6 common concerns—back pain, constipation, insomnia, allergies and more.

Alternative Treatments

How Stem Cell Therapy Is Changing the World of Medicine – with Robin Smith, MD, and Max Gomez, PhD

In this episode of The Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner is joined by Dr. Robin Smith and Dr. Max Gomez to discuss the “medical miracles” detaile...

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Natural First Aid After a Fall

After a fall, watchful waiting and Traditional Chinese Medicine helped healing. No emergency room—or excessive testing and hours of waiting—necessary.

Alternative Treatments

DIY Anxiety Relief with Acupressure

Acupressure is an easy way to calm anxiety and heart palpitations—and you can do it yourself. These seven pressure points are especially good.

Alternative Treatments

Cold Sore Cures from Your Kitchen

Do you feel the tingle of a cold sore coming on? Here are a few remedies you probably have in…