A New Food Allergy to Watch Out For

Milk, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts are among the causes of most food allergies. But new research has found that sesame should be added to the list…


Adult-Onset Allergies Are More Common than You Think

You’re not too old for new allergies! Check out these symptoms.

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IV Nutrient Therapy for Asthma and Allergy Relief

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You May Depend On Your EpiPen…But Can You Count On It?

EpiPen epinephrine auto-injectors, life-saving defense against serious allergic reactions, have shortage and affordability issues. Learn more…

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Bye-Bye, Allergies! Surprise Treatment for Lifelong Sensitivities

Lifelong allergy problems started with a long-forgotten bee sting and lasted for decades. Here’s what made the allergies (and some back pain) go away.


Food Allergies Affect Adults, Too

If that shrimp cocktail (or other food) you've always loved is now giving you hives, don't assume you're too old to develop a food allergy. Read on...


Natural Treatments for a Difficult Allergy Season

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Think You’re Allergic to Fruit? It Could Be a Pollen Allergy Instead

Some people who suffer from pollen allergies also suffer from an underreported condition called “oral allergy syndrome”—their mouths, lips, tongues…


What’s Your Seasonal Allergy IQ? 

Gesundheit! Are you one of the 24 million Americans afflicted with seasonal allergies (aka allergic rhinitis or hay fever)—sneezing, sniffling…


Sneezing and Wheezing Could Mean a Dust Mite Allergy

More than half of all Americans test positive for at least one kind of allergen. But there’s one culprit that…


The Allergy-Fighting Diet

Relieves Allergies to Pollen…Dust…Mold…Even Some Foods The right diet can help relieve your allergies whether you’re allergic to pollen, dust,…


Hidden Allergies

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Whatever Your Age, Allergy Shots Work

Many doctors don’t even consider starting allergy shots in people over age 65. And patients who are that age often…


View from a Beekeeper

“I have been involved in beekeeping since I was in college, about 45 years,” comments Bottom Line reader Harold Meinster about Can Local…


Air Travel for Pet Allergy Sufferers

Airlines are required to allow service dogs and registered emotional-support animals in passenger cabins. Many airlines allow other pets there,…