Breast Cancer

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Slow Deadly Cancer

A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids may reduce inflammation and help keep this cancer from spreading.


Screening for Ovarian Cancer May Save Lives (So Why Isn’t It Being Done?)

Yes, there’s a test to find cancer early. So why aren’t there screening guidelines for women at risk?

Breast Cancer

After Breast Cancer: Are You Getting the Right Imaging Tests?

The care of thousands of women doesn’t follow the recommended imaging guidelines. Don’t be one of them.

Cancer Treatment

“I’m Scared My Cancer Will Come Back”

Worrying about cancer coming back after treatment is normal, but for some people the worry becomes incapacitating. Don’t let that happen to you…


Finally, an Early Warning Sign of Pancreatic Cancer

A new study connects the dots between a relatively common medical condition and pancreatic cancer.

Prostate Cancer

The Right YouTube Videos for Prostate Cancer Advice

YouTube videos often give biased and/or misleading information about prostate cancer screening and treatment. Here’s how to find reliable videos…


Beware: Uterine Cancer Is on the Rise

While many other cancers are decreasing, uterine cancer (aka endometrial cancer) is increasing. But there are ways to protect yourself.

Colon Cancer

Colonoscopy Isn’t the Only Way to Prevent Colon Cancer

Colonoscopy may be the gold standard for detecting precancerous polyps, but there are less-invasive options for those who just won’t have the test.

Breast Cancer

For Better Breast Health, Eat This Way

The gut “microbiome” is known to affect digestive health and risk for chronic diseases. But new research shows it also affects the breasts. Here’s how…

Cancer Prevention

Why You’re Not Following Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines

You know getting screened for colon cancer could save your life, but the test is such a hassle. Get over it!

Skin Cancer

Does Having Skin Cancer Mean You’ll Get Other Cancers?

Yes, basal cell skin cancers are very common and treatable, but we’re learning that they can be a warning for other, more dangerous types of cancer.

Cancer Prevention

Can Organic Food Prevent Cancer?

Does consuming fewer pesticides truly matter? Now a French study connects the dots to fewer cases of cancer.

Breast Cancer

An Oncologist Shares Her Personal Story About BRCA

Oncologist Pamela Munster often must give unsettling test results to her patients. Then one day her own test came back positive.

Cancer Treatment

A “Game-Changing” Cancer Drug Gets Fast-Track Approval

The FDA has just rushed approval of a new cancer drug developed not to treat cancer by its location, but to target a specific genetic defect.

Cancer Prevention

When You Eat Dinner Affects Your Cancer Risk

Has a hectic schedule pushed your dinnertime later and later into the evening? You could be increasing your cancer risk.