Yoga Improves Migraine Treatment

Adding yoga to usual migraine treatments may reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks, according to a new study in the medical journal Neurology.


New Nondrug Relief for Migraines

New electrical stimulation armband for migraine pain helps people who don’t get enough relief from triptans or experience drug side effects

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

Don’t Let Spinal or Epidural Anesthesia Give You a Headache

New mothers are especially at risk of migraine after giving birth, whether vaginal or by C-section. Self-defense against this anesthesia side effect.


7 New Treatments for Migraines Just Released—Sarah Hiner Talks to Alexander Mauskop, MD

Dr. Alexander Mauskop, director and founder of the New York Headache Center and one of the leading researchers in the field of headaches for more 30 years.


Surprising Headache Link to Alzheimer’s

A history of having migraines may be a clue to dementia, especially Alzheimer’s disease. Learn what can help protect your brain and more.


Surprising Possible Migraine Trigger

Diagnosing and treating chronic eye disease may have the added benefit of reducing migraine attacks. Learn more...


The Confusing Migraine: Aura Without Pain

You’ve heard of auras—the lines and lights in your field of vision heralding a migraine. But what does it mean when the pain never comes?


The Female Hormone That Gives Men Migraines

Estrogen, the “female” hormone implicated in women’s migraines, may also cause migraines in men. Learn more…


Safer, Faster Migraine Drug on the Horizon

Migraine relief may soon include lasmiditan, the first in a new class of migraine drug in 20 years—rapid relief without heart and blood pressure risks.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Put an End to Recurring Migraine Headaches

Increasing responsibilities + stress + hormone fluctuations led to regular, debilitating migraine headaches. Here, Dr. Steelsmith’s holistic remedy.


Aimovig Gets FDA Nod as a Migraine Preventive Drug

Migraines cause debilitating symptoms that can put sufferers out of commission for days. This FDA-approved once-a-month drug is a novel preventive…


Migraine: A Greater Heart Disease Risk Than You Thought

Health steps to take for women and men with migraine—with or without aura.


Nondrug Prevention and Treatment for Migraine Headaches

There is not currently a cure for migraine, although one may be in the works, but many nondrug therapies can bring relief.


Migraine: The Residue of Terror

Survivors of extreme violence, such as a terror attack, have a higher risk of developing chronic headaches, including migraine.

Pain Relief in Motion

The Posture Cure for Migraines and Other Chronic Headaches

There are certain possible causes of headaches—like a cerebral bleed, meningitis, a tumor in the brain—that are very dangerous and…