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When Shoulder Pain Won’t Go Away

Use these latest therapies to get the best results… When you’ve got a painful shoulder, you’re reminded of it many…

Joint Conditions

How to Relieve Shoulder Pain Without Surgery

Shoulder surgery is common. But you can probably avoid it—even if you already have serious shoulder pain.

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Natural Relief for Shoulder and Knee Pains that Come and Go

Kevin, a guard at Gitmo, complained of shoulder and knee pains that only appeared when he was in Cuba but disappeared when home in Connecticut.


The Best Way to Recover from Total Knee Replacement

Every year, more than 700,000 Americans get a new knee (or two)—a number that's expected to rise to 3.5 million…


Joint Rehab Prevents Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is likely after a joint injury if you rush back to your previous level of activity before the joint is fully healed.


Could Your Arthritis Be an Infection?

When you think of arthritis, what probably comes to mind is osteoarthritis, the wear-and-tear disease that affects more than 30…


Why Do My Knees Pop and Crack?

Do your knees pop or crack when you’re taking the stairs? You could be at risk for osteoarthritis in the knees.

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Your Knee Pain May Really Be a Hip Problem

If you’re suffering from chronic knee pain and seek medical attention, the typical X-ray and/or MRI that’s performed will show…


The Best Dairy Foods for Diabetes Prevention

Is butter back? Not if you want to eat to beat diabetes. Even a modest extra daily serving of butter,…

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Is Shoulder Pain a Rotator Cuff Tear? Don’t Trust Your MRI

I have been treating people with shoulder pain for what feels like forever. In most cases, they can’t remember a…

Joint Conditions

Best Treatments for Ankle Arthritis

A sprained ankle from years ago can lead to ankle arthritis. Here are the best treatments for this potentially devilitating condition...

Joint Conditions

Arthritis? No…Bursitis…Here’s Why It Matters

Don’t assume that an aching joint means that you have arthritis. If the pain came on suddenly, hurts more at…


Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Meta Description: Remedies for arthritis pain without dangerous side effects.


Alfalfa Remedy for Arthritis

Alfalfa seeds have trace minerals that seem to be lacking in people with common kinds of arthri­tis. Here’s how to…


Beat Knee Pain Without Surgery

This strategy is just as effective…and much safer… Do you wince when you walk, kneel, squat or climb stairs? If…