Diseases & Conditions


Don’t Get Sick Swimming in a Lake, Ocean, Pool or Water Park

Ninety million illnesses acquired from recreational water in lakes, oceans and other sources are reported yearly. Learn how to protect yourself.

Colon Cancer

Don’t Mess Up Your Colonoscopy! My Secret for More Effective—and Gentler—Prep

The typical bowel prep for colonoscopy is often inadequate, which can make the test less accurate. Tips for more successful—and gentler—prep here…

Diseases & Conditions

What Do Your Nails Say About Your Health?

Few people look at their nails for clues about their overall health…but they can sometimes be an early sign of dangerous medical conditions. Read on…


What You Don’t Know Is Harming Your Kidneys

Medications, herbs, supplements and lifestyle habits you wouldn’t have guessed can put at-risk kidneys in danger...and even harm healthy kidneys.

Lung Cancer

Beware This Hidden Cause of Lung Cancer

Most people associate lung cancer with cigarette smoking. But there’s another risk factor that’s hidden in millions of US homes. How to stay safe…


The Secret Food Fix That Stops Diabetes

If you want to avoid diabetes, there’s more to it than choosing foods low in sugar and fat. Here’s how to attack the root cause…

Cardiovascular Disease

Could a Fitness Tracker Save Your Life?

Fitness trackers now do much more than count steps and calories. You can also get clues of life-threatening heart conditions. Read on…

Breast Cancer

Dense Breasts and Breast Cancer Risk: What You Need to Know

Mammograms are the “gold standard” for detecting breast cancer. But women with dense breasts may need additional tests to find breast malignancies…

Prostate Cancer

The Best PET Scan for Finding Prostate Cancer Recurrence

New, FDA-approved prostate PET scan finds cancer recurrence earlier than other imaging tests.


These Infections Could Increase Your Stroke Risk

You could be at higher risk for a stroke if you have certain types of infections. Here are the infections to watch out for and how to protect yourself…


Don’t Ignore This Overlooked Symptom of Dementia

Memory loss is commonly associated with dementia, but new research shows that apathy has an even bigger impact. Read on for details…


Adult-Onset Allergies Are More Common than You Think

You’re not too old for new allergies! Check out these symptoms.

Joint Conditions

What Can I Do at the Gym When I Have Hip Pain?

When your hips are hurting, you don’t have to forgo your gym workouts. These exercises won’t bother your hips—and may even ease the pain…


Pharmaceutical Companies’ Influence on Your Doctor’s Prescriptions – with Bob Stutman

Bob joins Bottom Line president Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to discuss what the doctors don’t know or understand about the pharmaceutical drugs they’re prescribing.


Ozone-Safe Primatene Mist Inhaler Is Not Safe for Asthma

Primatene Mist epinephrine inhaler is now ozone-safe, FDA-approved and back on the market—but a dangerous choice for people with asthma. Here’s why.