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Bone Health

The Truth About Cementing Spinal Fractures

Research no longer backs two common procedures as first-line treatments for painful vertebral compression fractures due to osteoporosis. What’s better…


Food Addiction Is Real

If you can’t stop eating the wrong foods, you may have an addiction. Here are the red flags to watch for—and strategies to change your behavior…

Diseases & Conditions

Beyond Allergies…the Dangers of Household Dust—and How to Protect Yourself

A new research project is studying the health threats of household dust. Learn the latest findings and the best ways to keep dust out of your home…


Aspirin for Heart Health: For Many, the Risks Outweigh the Benefits

Aspirin therapy has long been used to prevent heart attack and stroke. Now, research shows the risks outweigh the benefits for many people. Read on…

Chronic Pain

Hidden Cause of Pain and Stiffness: Try the Fascia Fix for Relief

If you’ve got pain and stiffness that won’t go away, the culprit could be myofascial pain syndrome. How to get relief from this soft-tissue problem…

Cardiovascular Disease

Heart Attacks That Start Slowly Could Be More Deadly

Sudden chest pain is the classic red flag for heart attack. But symptoms that develop gradually may pose a bigger risk. To protect yourself…


Do I Really Need a Tetanus Shot?

A tetanus booster has long been recommended once every decade. Here’s research that looks at this rule…and advice on whether you need to follow it…

Bone Health

How You Exercise May Be Weakening Your Bones!

Exercise protects bones—but doing only low-impact exercises might increase your risk for osteoporosis. For total body health, you need these exercises.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

The Secret Ingredient That Causes Digestive Distress

After eating, Patrice felt bloated, followed by gas, constipation or diarrhea—and sometimes pain. It’s wasn’t really IBS, but a food sensitivity!

Joint Conditions

Why Is My Ankle So Weak?

If your ankle feels like it might give out, it may not be due to an injury. To learn about the causes of this common complaint—and how to fix it…

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Surgery-Free Treatment for Rotator Cuff Injury

A retired orthopedic surgeon sought noninvasive relief for a rotator cuff injury. Oral and topical treatments are helping…no surgery in sight!

Diseases & Conditions

Does Anyone Not Sweat…Ever?

Failure to sweat (anhidrosis) and loss of sweating in certain body spots (hypohidrosis) can have dangerous health consequences. Learn more...


When Cancer Spreads to the Brain: New Treatments Offer Hope

When melanoma or some other cancer spreads to the brain, the prognosis used to be grim. Now, treatment advances are dramatically improving outcomes…

Autoimmune Disease

Best Nondrug Ways to Fight Autoimmune Disease

5 lifestyle strategies and simple blood tests are the key to treating autoimmune disease says this Cleveland Clinic physician. Get the details here…


Got Painful Hand Arthritis? Get Relief Without Drugs

When your hands hurt due to arthritis, even the simplest tasks can be challenging. Here are the under-the-radar options doctors rarely talk about…