Chronic Pain

Relieve Chronic Pain with Powerful Posture Exercises

Hunching, slumping and slouching causes chronic pain. Straighten up and find relief with these targeted exercises.

Pain Relief

Starting Physical Therapy? Here’s How to Make Sure It Works

Physical therapy can relieve common pain conditions—if the underlying cause is correctly identified. How to ensure that the real problem gets treated…

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Hidden Cause of Neck and Shoulder Pain: Low Hormones

Kara’s neck and shoulder pain had grown so acute she could hardly fasten her bra. Here’s the three-pronged approach that brought relief.

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

A Fishy Explanation for Achy Knees and Hips

Eduardo was generally in good health, but had knee and hip pain that came and went without any apparent reason. Then we looked at his eating habits…

Chronic Pain

Why the Medical System for Diagnosing and Treating Joint Pain Is Broken – with Dr. Mitchell Yass

In this episode of the Bottom Line Advocator Podcast, Dr. Yass joins Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner to discuss the wasted time and money the medical system uses to diagnose and ...

Back or Neck Pain

How to Get Your Insurer to Cover Non-Drug Treatment for Back Pain

The best back pain treatments are non-drug approaches such as acupuncture and therapeutic massage. Here’s how to get your insurer to pay for them.


Why Do My Legs Feel So Heavy at Night?

If your legs feel like dead weight when you wake up at night, it can be scary. Here’s are the four most-likely causes of this unusual symptom.


The OTC Painkiller Trap—How to Choose Between Acetaminophen and NSAIDs

Yes, you want relief, but many popular OTC painkillers can have dangerous—little-known—side effects. Read this before popping that pill…

Back or Neck Pain

Can Osteoporosis Cause a Backache?

Unexplained back pain in a postmenopausal woman can have many causes. One that often goes undiagnosed is osteoporosis of the spine.


Most Powerful Opioid Yet—What You Need to Know

Sufentanil (Dsuvia), a newly FDA-approved opioid, is 1,000 times more potent than morphine. Do the risks outweigh the benefits?


Your Wrist Pain May Not Be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Don’t assume you know the cause of wrist pain or ignore it if it comes and goes. Without care, the condition can become permanent.


Mysterious Neck, Shoulder, Arm or Hand Problems? It Could Be Thoracic Outlet Syndrome…

Thoracic outlet syndrome can cause pain or numbness in your neck, shoulder, arm or hand. Learn how this tricky condition is diagnosed and treated…

Pain Relief

Cannabis Helps with Pain—But Not by Taking It Away

Cannabinoid drugs help with pain, but not by lowering pain intensity. Instead, they make pain less unpleasant and more tolerable.

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Tramadol vs. CBD for Pain: CBD Wins

Why are doctors so attached to their opioids when there are safer, effective options available? Know your options, says Bottom Line CEO Sarah Hiner.


What If You Really Do Need an Opioid?

The opioid epidemic is raging. But for some people with intractable pain, these powerful drugs can be appropriate. How to use them safely…