Your Wrist Pain May Not Be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Don’t assume you know the cause of wrist pain or ignore it if it comes and goes. Without care, the condition can become permanent.


Mysterious Neck, Shoulder, Arm or Hand Problems? It Could Be Thoracic Outlet Syndrome…

Thoracic outlet syndrome can cause pain or numbness in your neck, shoulder, arm or hand. Learn how this tricky condition is diagnosed and treated…

Pain Relief

Cannabis Helps with Pain—But Not by Taking It Away

Cannabinoid drugs help with pain, but not by lowering pain intensity. Instead, they make pain less unpleasant and more tolerable.

Common Threads

Tramadol vs. CBD for Pain: CBD Wins

Why are doctors so attached to their opioids when there are safer, effective options available? Know your options, says Bottom Line CEO Sarah Hiner.


What If You Really Do Need an Opioid?

The opioid epidemic is raging. But for some people with intractable pain, these powerful drugs can be appropriate. How to use them safely…

Back or Neck Pain

Got Back Pain? There’s a Video Game for That!

Recent research says you can improve chronic low-back pain just by doing fun video-game exercises at home. Get the details here…

Chronic Pain

A Positive Attitude May Help You Get Better Pain Treatment

If you’re in pain, you expect your doctor to help you get relief. But a new survey shows that doctors’ judgments about you can get in the way…

Chronic Pain

This FDA-Approved Marijuana Drug Won’t Work Well…Here’s What Will

The right medical marijuana formulation can treat chronic pain and other conditions. Find out what to look for.


How to Exercise Despite Pain

Don’t let knee pain or back pain stop you from getting the exercise that will help you feel better. Do these exercises instead.

Pain Relief in Motion

Whiplash? Here’s the Real Way to Relieve Your Pain for Good

Don’t get fooled! Whiplash isn’t a diagnosis…it’s a mechanism of injury. Learn the real source of whiplash-related pain and how to get lasting relief.


Chronic Pain? Give the Feldenkrais Method a Try…

A little-known alternative treatment called the Feldenkrais Method helps relieve chronic pain without medication. Find out how it can help you...

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Weak or Painful Hands? Try These Helpful Kitchen Hacks

If you have repetitive strain injury, arthritis or simply weak hands, here’s how you can help yourself in the kitchen.

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Holding Hands to Ease Pain

What if the simple act of holding your partner’s hand could bring him or her pain relief? Personal experience led one researcher to see if it could.

Pain Relief in Motion

MRIs Don’t Diagnose Chronic Pain…They Create It

If your chronic pain is diagnosed through an MRI, you have at least a 90% chance of being misdiagnosed. Five reasons why doctors keep getting it wrong.

Acute Pain

Avoid the Hospital Opioid Trap

Minimize opioids after surgery so you recover faster with less pain (and no risk for addiction) with these approaches.