Hearing Loss

Cognitive Decline Can Be a Sign of Too Much Ear Wax

Clear your ears—the right way—to prevent cognitive decline


Taming Tinnitus

The word tinnitus means the tinkling of bells, but for the 50 million Americans who experience it, tinnitus is far…


Noise Pollution Harms More Than Your Hearing

Excessive noise is a public health threat that we deal with every day, but it doesn’t get much attention. In…


How Loud Is Too Loud?

When a firecracker explodes near you or a ground-shaking motorcycle roars by, there’s no mistaking that the noise is excessive. But…

Hearing Loss

Beware of This Hidden Cause of Falls

): Poor eyesight and weak muscles are widely known to increase fall risk. Now, researchers have uncovered a significant link to hearing loss. What to do…

Hearing Aids

New, Low-Cost Hearing Aids

There are ways to trim the high prices of hearing aids. Here’s a guide to hearing assistance technology that meets your needs—and budget.

Aging for Beginners

Listen Up: Fix Your Hearing Now, PART 2

It’s not just a little hearing loss. It’s what that hearing loss does to your brain and your longevity.

Hearing Aids

Why Aren’t My Husband’s Hearing Aids Helping Him Hear Better?

Hearing aids can be life-changing. But you and those around you will need to adapt—especially when hearing loss is severe…

Hearing Aids

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are expensive, and there are so many new features and technologies it’s hard to know what you need. Here’s how to find the right one…

What Caregivers Need

How to Make Hearing Aids Work for the Ones You Love

Good hearing is essential to good health but many people resist hearing aids. Here, how caregivers can make hearing aids work for their loved ones.

Hearing Loss

Earbuds vs. Headphones: Which Is Riskier for Hearing Loss?

Listening to music with headphones or earbuds is enjoyable, but are you harming your hearing in the process? Read on…


Is It Normal to Become More Sensitive to Noise with Age?

Increased sensitivity to noise that doesn’t bother others could be a condition known as hyperacusis. Learn the best treatments here…

Hearing Aids

How to Love Your Hearing Aids

If you’re getting hearing aids, it’s crucial to give yourself ample time to adjust to them. Here are 6 secrets for getting through that tricky period…

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids: A New Reason to Get Them (Besides Hearing Better)

On the fence about hearing aids? Researchers have uncovered an unexpected benefit to treating hearing loss. Read more here…

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

I Can’t Unclog My Ears When I Fly

Decongestants weren’t enough for William’s airplane-clogged ears. The problem wasn’t his ears, it was his adenoids. The solution was fast—but unusual.