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Common Threads

Why I Don’t Like to Be First on Line

Americans love being first on line to get shiny new toys. When it comes to health discoveries, step to the back of the line. It could save your life.

Aging for Beginners

Cannabis: It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Weed Anymore

“Smoking weed” has moved from the dark corners of artists’ hang-outs to bright shopping centers. It’s kind of a shame.


Marijuana Isn’t as Risk-Free as You Might Think

Marijuana with higher levels of psychoactive THC can put middle-age adults & baby boomers at risk of car accidents, drug interactions, heart attacks & more.


Does Your UTI Need an Antibiotic? What Older Adults Need to Know

Harms from antibiotic resistance are raising questions about when to use these drugs. What research shows is best for older adults with UTIs…


The Growing Danger of Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotics have saved countless lives, but the overuse of these drugs is ongoing—and posing new threats. Read on for details…


Very Common Drugs That Rob Your Body of Nutrients

You can’t stop taking these drugs—so here are the nutritional supplements you need if you’re taking a drug for diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure & more.


Surprising Deadly Danger from Cipro Antibiotics

FDA warns that fluoroquinolone antibiotics (Cipro, Avelox, Floxin, Levaquin) may increase likelihood of aortic aneurysm in people at risk.

Drug Interactions

A New Tool to Prevent Drug Interactions: Artificial Intelligence

Drug interactions can be life-threatening, yet typically are found after many people are affected, not during testing. New technology may change that.


Lithium: Not Just for Bipolar Disorder

In Rx doses, this drug can have sizable side effects. But as a nutritional supplement, its brain benefits can be life-changing without a downside.


Drug Recall Alert: How to Protect Yourself from Harmful Medications

Prescription medications can play a vital role in keeping you healthy. But when a drug recall occurs, you need to take quick action. How to stay safe…


Getting Rid of Leftover Medicine

Don’t keep those half-empty bottles or expired meds hanging around. How to get rid of them the right way.