Mental Health

Mental Health

Eat Your Way to Happiness — Sarah Hiner Talks to Andrew Rubman, ND

Feeling blue? Check your digestion. You can eat your way to happiness. Naturopathic physician Andrew Rubman shares the food fixes with Sarah Hiner.


Getting Over a Pandemic-Induced Depression

There are small, practical steps you can take to prevent or reverse the pandemic blues. And it’s easier to act now than it is to pull yourself out of moderate or severe depressio...


Stress and Your Skin—Sarah Hiner Talks to Allison Truong, MD, Board-Certified Dermatologist, Cedars-Sinai Medical

Stress of the pandemic is causing hair loss, mystery rashes, “maskne” and many other skin problems. What to do about it…

Mental Health

The Emotional Toll of COVID-19 On Our Children—Sarah Hiner Talks to Psychiatrist Lea Lis, MD

Children are facing unique challenges due to COVID-19, school openings and politics. Dr. Lea Lis talks with Sarah Hiner about how to help children through these difficult days.

Mental Health

How to Get Trauma Out of Your Body and Truly Heal

Trauma—from rape, abusive parents, combat an accident, etc.—harms your body and your brain. Here are four methods proven to help you heal.

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Mental health in the time of isolation

Although the word quarantine was first used during the Black Death in Italy in the year 1127, the types of…

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

After an Accident: Healing Lasting Anxiety and Insomnia Naturally

A horrific car accident left Denise with profound anxiety and insomnia that drugs and counseling failed to help. Natural medicine helped overnight!

Mental Health

Treatment-Resistant Depression: New Hope

If you’ve been diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD), the good news is that, along with psychotherapy, there are several…

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Banish physician phobia

Imagine this: You get a message reminding you that it’s time for your regular check-up. Your doctor’s office would like…


Do You Have High-Functioning Anxiety?

Download our quiz to find out…and if you score high, show the results to your doctor or therapist.


Relaxation Breathing

This guided yoga breathing practice from yoga therapist Carol Krucoff offers stress relief in just six minutes…


Relax with Nature Sounds

To hear relaxing nature sounds from national parks, including Yellowstone and the Everglades, listen to this audio.

Mental Health

Get More Out of Your Therapy Sessions

Psychotherapy sessions can be more productive if you find the right fit, schedule the best times to talk, and know the signs that you’re making progress

Common Threads

Finish On a Happy Thought

Feeling overwhelmed by the news? Don’t end a conversation in chaos…finish with a moment of positive imagery or opportunity.

Mental Health

Beat Loneliness by Caring for Your Grandkids

Being a grandparent has lots of rewards. Now, new research shows that caring for the grandkids can even help prevent loneliness. The details…