Mental Health

Mental Health

Beat Loneliness by Caring for Your Grandkids

Being a grandparent has lots of rewards. Now, new research shows that caring for the grandkids can even help prevent loneliness. The details…

Mental Health

Diagnosing Autism in Adulthood Still Helps

Getting autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosed when you’re an adult can connect you with services, programs and groups that improve your life.

Common Threads

My 6 Favorite Stress Busters Good for Any Situation

When tensions rise and tempers flare, my 6 favorite anywhere anytime stress busters can help calm you down.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Solving the Puzzle of Sudden-Onset Depression

From happy and involved to persistent sadness and pain, the cause (and cure) of this deep depression was rooted in the patient’s move to her new home.

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

It Is Time to Stop Stigmatizing Mental Illness

Emotional illness is the one commonly avoided health issue. Sufferers are mistakenly seen as deficient in character, moral fiber or both.


Dealing with Depression? Anxiety? A Video Game Can Help

Specialized video games can be an important part of therapy for people with depression, anxiety, PTSD and more. Learn how...

At the Heart of It All

Recovery, Restoration and Managing Stress

It’s easy for doctors to say, “Manage your stress” but there is more to it than that. How to let yourself cycle through that deep recovery phase…


Your Time Zone May Be Hazardous to Your Health!

Living in a certain area of a time zone disrupts circadian rhythms, increasing risk for depression, weight gain, concentration problems...and cancer.

Mental Health

Procrastinators: It’s Not (Completely) Your Fault!

What’s really going on with procrastinators? Their brain chemicals and anatomy are different. And gender matters too.

Mental Health

Are You Being “Gaslighted” by Your Spouse…or at Work?

The psychological manipulation called “Gaslighting” can be hard to recognize in a relationship. How to spot a gaslighter...and how to protect yourself.

Mental Health

Facebook—Benefit or Bane? The Surprising Answer

Giving Facebook a periodic rest has surprising benefits, including that you might get on better with your polar-opposite pals.


Change How You Feel About Stress

You don’t have to feel worried about being worried. Here’s how to use stress to your advantage


When Anxiety Steals Your Joy—Even If You’re Functioning Fine

Is high-functioning anxiety making life difficult—even if doable? Don’t just survive—learn how to thrive in spite of worries and fears.


Dads Get Postpartum Depression, Too

Postpartum depression affects fathers, but it’s under-recognized—and under-treated—and puts their daughters especially at risk. Learn more.

Mental Health

How a Good Cry Can Improve Your Health

A good cry does more than express emotion. It can boost mood, relieve stress, alleviate pain and much more. Get the details here…