Women Need More Attention in Medical Research

Women are still being left out of most medical research that includes animals and humans, according to a new meta-analysis. What this means for you…


The “Addict” in All of Us: The Surprising Places Where Addiction Exists—Sarah Hiner Talks to Addiction Specialist Anna Lembke, MD

Addiction has many faces…and everyone is vulnerable, especially during COVID. Addiction specialist Anna Lembke, MD, and Sarah Hiner explain.


Why We Sigh

What is the point of sighing—those sudden, deep, audible exhalations? And what do you do if you live with a heavy sigh-er—or if you do it? A neurobiologist and a psychologist e...

Back or Neck Pain

Easing the Real Source of Your Neck Pain

Neck stretches or massage don’t address the real cause of neck pain. For lasting relief, target this set of muscles with resistance training.


Getting Over a Pandemic-Induced Depression

There are small, practical steps you can take to prevent or reverse the pandemic blues. And it’s easier to act now than it is to pull yourself out of moderate or severe depressio...

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Why I Chose to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

As a naturopathic doctor who prizes a holistic, natural approach to health, it may seem surprising that I’ve chosen to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Let me explain…


The Vital Vitamin D/COVID-19 Connection—Sarah Hiner Talks to Michael F. Holick, MD, PhD, Author of The Vitamin D Solution

Vitamin D—a simple, everyday and inexpensive vitamin supplement—could significantly reduce your risk of getting and dying from COVID.

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

Take the Pain Out of Immunization Shots

There are proven ways to give vaccinations that are virtually painless. And less pain is what a fatigued and scared populace needs now, don't you think?


Help for Lingering COVID-19 Symptoms

The effects of COVID-19 may not end when your body clears the virus. What to do about fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, breathlessness, coughing.

Pain Relief

The Best Self-Massage Tools to Relieve Muscle Pain Head to Toe

Self-massage is a safe, soothing and convenient nondrug way to relieve muscle pain, dissolve trigger points and return range of motion. What to buy…


Resveratrol Supplements Improve Menopause Symptoms and Quality of Life

A two-year study on this grape-derived supplement in post-menopausal women finds that these supplements reduced aches and pains, less hot flashes, better sleep and more.

Losing Weight

Winter Weight Gain—Sarah Hiner Talks to Lisa Young, PhD, RDN, CDN, author of Finally Full, Finally Slim

The COVID-19 lockdowns have made overeating a national pastime. Learn what fuels winter weight gain and how to protect your body from the damage it can cause.

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Did My Baby Get Hurt When She Fell?

When a 7-month-old took a spill off an airline seat, mom and flight crew were concerned for her safety. How Dr. Rubman examined her to assess the situation.

Brain Health

The Impact of COVID Lockdowns On Our Brains—Sarah Hiner Talks to Wendy Suzuki, PhD, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at New York University’s Center for Neural Science

Lack of stimulation, loneliness and increased anxiety due the COVID lockdowns are taxing our brains, but thinking skills from long-term harm.

Back or Neck Pain

How to Sit Comfortably at Home—and Save Your Back

Don’t leave good ergonomics behind when you’re not at work. How to sit properly on chairs, couches and in bed to support your back and avoid pain.