Don’t Let Health Care Take Over Your Life

Health care can be all-consuming. But there are new ways to stay focused on your life priorities. Here’s how to stay well—and do what you enjoy most…


Why Do I Need to Wear a Heart Monitor for So Long?

If you’re having palpitations or other unexplained heart symptoms, wearing a Holter monitor can help detect the cause. Here, details on the process…


Natural Ways to Beat Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more, and makes you more vulnerable to viruses. How to get healthy, stay healthy.


Dangerous Diagnostic Mistakes Linked to Three Big Disease Groups

Cancer, vascular events and infections account for about 75% of all dangerous diagnostic errors. Find out the best ways to protect yourself here…


3 Signs of a Lung Emergency

The warning signs that respiratory illness has become serious can be subtle and easy to discount. Here’s what indicates you need emergency help.


Answering Parents’ COVID Questions — Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Darria Long Gillespie

As the country starts to open up from the COVID-19 lockdown, parents have many questions and decisions to make about their children returning to school, team sports and more. Emerg...

Aging for Beginners

I Know My Feet Are There—I Just Can’t See Them: My Flat-Belly Quest

The battle of the belly fat. How to reduce your risks…and your waist.

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

What You Don’t Know About What Doctors Know

You likely know more your hair stylist than the people watching over your health. Here’s the education and cost doctors endure to be able to treat you.

Joint Conditions

Faster, Better Recovery from Hip and Knee Replacement

Choosing the right doctor and hospital and optimizing health pre-surgery can make all the difference in your recovery. Secrets on how to do both…


New Nondrug Relief for Migraines

New electrical stimulation armband for migraine pain helps people who don’t get enough relief from triptans or experience drug side effects


Second Wave? Broadening of Wave 1…or Exaggerated Numbers?

As the world starts to open up from the pandemic, we are seeing frightening statistics indicating a second wave. Dr. Max Gomez offers some perspective.

Aging for Beginners

Stand Up: An Easy Way to Live Longer and Be More Fit in a Sedentary World

Sitting too much can kill even dedicated exercisers. Our bodies need to move…regularly. It’s easy—but do you do it?

Nature Doc's Patient Diary

Face Rash Cured from the Inside Out

Topical creams and medication didn’t resolve this persistent skin rash. A diet change and the supplements to aid proper digestion did—in only weeks.

Health Care Providers

How Telemedicine Is Changing the Health-Care System —Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum

What you need to know about the new world of telemedicine. It vastly improves safety and accessibility—but it has limitations, too. Learn about both.

Aging for Beginners

Longevity and Medicare: Not Perfect Together

Medicare costs could be significantly reduced if they would shift focus and invest in prevention rather than treating illness.