Women's Health

Coming Soon: A Pill to Treat Uterine Fibroids

The oral endometriosis drug elagolix (Orilissa) may soon be approved for treating uterine fibroids. Learn more, including side effects...

At the Heart of It All

Bring Back Your Sexy

Leading a heart-healthy life includes leading a sexual one. But you need to know to how adapt to the new realities of your evolving body chemistry.


Dads Get Postpartum Depression, Too

Postpartum depression affects fathers, but it’s under-recognized—and under-treated—and puts their daughters especially at risk. Learn more.


Do Adults Need a Measles Shot?

With the recent measles outbreak, many adults are now questioning whether they are at risk. Here are the people who may need the vaccine…


Why Do I Drool When I Sleep?

Drooling during sleep can be harmless…or signal a medical condition that needs treatment. Here’s how to tell the difference…

Mental Health

How a Good Cry Can Improve Your Health

A good cry does more than express emotion. It can boost mood, relieve stress, alleviate pain and much more. Get the details here…


Beyond Wrinkles…Top Treatments for Thinning Skin

Wrinkles aren’t the only thing making your skin look old. The latest ways to protect and improve thinning skin from a Harvard dermatologist…


Hidden Cause of Urinary Incontinence: Underactive Bladder

For men and women who struggle with urinary incontinence, underactive bladder could be part of the problem. How to spot it—and what to do…


Alcoholism Rates Soar in Older Adults

Excessive drinking is widely recognized in younger people. But older adults also are imbibing too much—yet it’s staying under wraps. Facts to know…

Health Care Professionals

How to Get Your Doctor to Return Your Call (or E-Mail)

If you have a question for your doctor, are you sure that your phone call or email will get a response? Here’s how to ensure that you do hear back…


The Truth About Fecal Transplants

Fecal transplants (FMT) have become standard therapy for C. difficile infections and may soon be used to treat other conditions. Learn more…


The Hidden Cause of Chronic Sinusitis

If you’ve suffered from a sinus infection that seems to last forever, the likely culprit is often missed by doctors. How to get to the real cause…


Jump-Start a Brain-Healthy Lifestyle with This One-Week Plan

Few health problems are as frightening as cognitive decline. To give yourself the best odds of avoiding it, lifestyle is the key. To get started…

Diet & Nutrition

America’s Cheese Addiction, Dairy’s Dark Side, And The Benefits of a Plant Based Diet – With Dr. Neal Barnard

Dr. Neal Barnard discusses America's cheese addiction, dairy's dark side, and the benefits of a plant based diet.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

PRP Magic: Look Younger, Feel Younger with Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy injects a patient’s own blood to jumpstart the healing process to rejuvenate skin, joints, sexual pleasure, more.