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A Surprising and Risky Side Effect of Testosterone Gel

If you use testosterone gel, you expect a boost in libido, muscle definition and even bone health, but there’s a downside that will surprise you.

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Dark Urine? Smelly Urine? Frequent Urination? What Your Pee Says About Your Health

You would be surprised by how much information can be gleaned from the urine that you produce each day (one…

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Kegel Exercises for Men and Women

Helps prostate pain, premature ejaculation and more. Just about every woman who has experienced childbirth or gone through menopause has…

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Do You Pee in Your Pants After You Pee? There’s a Cure for That

Have you heard of post-micturition dribble? The term might not be familiar, but the sight of it probably is…

Women's Sexual Wellness

Vaginal Dryness in Menopausal Women

Dr. Rubman recommends DHEA vaginal suppositories and squalene for women when vaginal dryness is making them uncomfortable or if they plan to be intimate.


Watch Out for…Liver Cancer

Liver cancer has the fastest rising death rate of any cancer—but it’s very preventable. In June, a team of scientific…

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Enjoy Sex Again: Resolving Vaginal Dryness and Tenderness

Sex had become increasingly difficult—even painful—to enjoy. The right lubricant was the key to bringing Susan’s sex life back to life.

Sexual Wellness

A Health Problem Doesn’t Have to End Your Love Life!

There are a multitude of reasons why some couples stop having sex as they age. But a chronic health problem…

At the Heart of It All

Let’s Talk About Sex…and How to Feel Sexy Again

Let’s talk about sex. As a cardiologist addressing women’s health, sex is a part of overall wellness. Leading a heart-healthy…

Sexual Wellness

What Really Happens During a Sex Therapy Appointment?

Admit it: You’re curious. When you hear the phrase “sex therapy,” you wonder who actually goes and why. What do…

Men's Sexual Wellness

Sexual Healing for Men: A Naturopath’s Plan for Ejaculation Problems

It’s a man’s sex issue, but not the kind you see commercials for on TV. That’s because there’s no prescription…

Women's Sexual Wellness

For Women, a Zesty Path to Better Orgasms

When counseling menopausal women who want to continue to enjoy sex, Elena Ratner, MD, starts with the well-known but often…

Men's Sexual Wellness

Testosterone Therapy…Who Needs It? (And Who Doesn’t)

Put 25 men in their 60s in a room, and odds are one is taking testosterone. Between 2011 and 2013,…

Women's Sexual Wellness

What to Do When the “Little Pink Pill” Won’t Light Your Fire…

Is complete abstinence from alcohol…blood pressure so low you pass out…and fighting sleep all day really worth better sex only…

Men's Sexual Wellness

Bottom Line’s Guide to Men’s Sexual Health

Men are happy to talk about sex…until there's a problem with their own virility. And that is a problem because…