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Most People Don’t Drink Enough Water. Do You???

Most people don’t drink enough water, but water is so important—for your heart, brain and more! The simple formula…and 2 rules to prevent dehydration.

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

What Is Your Responsibility for the Right of Health Care

The federal healthcare budget now tops a trillion dollars/year! To rid yourself and our country our health and financial suffering, here’s what to do.


How to Reduce Your Exposure to Chemicals and Other Toxins

Everyone is exposed to a variety of hidden toxins daily—no matter how much you’re doing to avoid dangerous chemicals. Here’s how to protect yourself…


Beyond Blood Pressure and Cholesterol: 4 More Health Numbers You Really Need to Know

Blood pressure and cholesterol aren’t the only health numbers you need to know. Here are 5 key tests you need to keep an eye on…


20 Cures for 5 Embarrassing Problems

Surprising ways to deal with dandruff, warts, a stye, corns and flatulence.


Be Kind to Yourself…for Better Health

Being self-critical can harm your health. But new research shows how self-compassion can help protect you. Read on for healing advice…


How to Know When Someone’s Drinking Is a Little Over the Line—and What to Do About It

A lot of people think they are light or moderate drinkers, but they drink enough to be harming their lives and those around them. Learn the signs.


QUIZ: Quirky Body Facts

Your body is more intricate than any machine. How many of its wonders can you correctly identify?


Medical News: What Can You Trust?

As more reports surface about researchers accepting funds from for-profit companies, look for these signs of bias-free findings.


Why Are Probiotics in My Hand Sanitizer?

A hand sanitizer is a convenient way to rid yourself of germs when hand washing isn’t an option. But should it contain probiotics? Read on…

Aging for Beginners

Listen Up: Fix Your Hearing Now!

The time to pretend that you don’t have hearing loss is over—because when you take steps to be able to really hear again, everyone wins.


Childhood Memories Can Help or Haunt Your Health

Whether your early relationship with your parents was happy or sad, it can affect you physically as well as emotionally and for a surprising amount of time.


Mindfulness Makes More of Everyday Life

Do you rush through chores, distracting yourself by thinking about other things? What if you took a different approach to…


Don’t Just Manage Your Anxiety…Make It Work for You

Fear and worry can immobilize you. Rather than give in to anxiety, you can make it work for you.


Is Being a Perfectionist Making You Sick?

When “good” isn’t good enough for you, it can really take its toll on your body and mind.