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Women's Health

Routine CT Scan Predicts Heart Disease in Breast Cancer Survivors

Imaging studies used to plan breast cancer treatment were recently found to also predict heart disease risk. How this may help protect women…

Women's Health

‘Vascular Storm’ Blamed for Severe Flu During Pregnancy

New animal research suggests why the flu can be so dangerous during pregnancy. An immune system reaction called a “vascular storm” may be to blame…

Women's Health

Surgery for Benign Breast Disease Does Not Affect Breastfeeding

Young women who have surgery for benign breast disease may worry that they won’t be able to breastfeed after surgery. A new study finds that they can.

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

C-Section Anesthesia Linked to Post-Partum Depression

Expectant mothers, beware! There’s a clear link between depression in mothers who deliver by cesarean section and the use of general anesthesia. Here’s why, and self-defense.

Women's Health

Which Antidepressant Is Linked to the Most Birth Defects?

Antidepressant use during pregnancy increases the risk for birth defects. The CDC sheds light on which antidepressant is linked to the greatest risk.

Women's Health

Will “Seed Cycling” Balance My Hormones?

Hormonal imbalances affect women and men. “Seed cycling” proponents say that flax, pumpkin and other seeds ease hormonal symptoms. Here’s the truth…

Women's Health

The Truth About Night Sweats: Women and Men Can be Affected

You wake up drenched…pajamas sopping wet, sheets clammy beneath you…and it’s not the first time.

Women's Health

How to Get the Right Size Bra

To get the correct bra size, the first step is to measure before shopping. What to do… Step #1: To…

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Dreading Your Mammogram? Here’s What Can Help

Not looking forward to your next mammogram? You’re not alone. Many women experience anxiety in the days leading up to…

Women's Health

Pregnancy Exercises That Don’t Put Abdominal Muscles at Risk

The wrong kind of exercises put pregnant women are at higher risk for diastasis recti, separation of abdominal muscles. Here’s how to stay fit safely.

Women's Health

Late Dinners Linked to Increased Heart Risk

Heart disease risk is typically based on cholesterol and other such markers. Now, researchers have found a link to women’s dinnertime. For details…

Women's Health

Dangers of an Ill-Fitting Bra

If your bra doesn’t fit, your health—not just your looks—can suffer due to neck and back pain, heartburn and more. Smart ways to avoid these problems…

Women's Health

What if You Have a Pelvic Mesh Implant?

The FDA stopped use of transvaginal (pelvic) mesh for pelvic organ prolapse (POP). If you already have the mesh...or have POP...here’s what to do.

Women's Health

Alert: Pregnancy Strokes Are on the Rise…and They’re Preventable!

More women are having strokes during pregnancy and soon after childbirth. These strokes are preventable, if you take the right steps...

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Natural Relief (At Last!) for Painful Period Cramps

Going off birth control pills caused debilitating menstrual cramps. The solution started with soothing baths and finished with a lifestyle makeover.