Common Threads

My Big Lesson In Life: Power vs. Force

If you want to be powerful, be quiet. Force makes a statement but creates more harm than long-term good. Far better…calm power


Dress for Your Best Life

When you get dressed each day, external forces typically dictate what we wear—the weather, specific occasions, work. Why don’t you try dressing for yourself?


Tips for Tastier Takeout Food

Fine dining restaurants are making menu items available for pickup, but some foods travel better than others. Here’s how to maximize flavor once you get it home.


What Americans Can Learn from the French About Romance— Sarah Hiner Talks to Relationship Coach Alex Cormont

No one knows more about the art of romance than the French. Here, French relationship coach Alex Cormont joins Sarah Hiner to share their secrets.

Common Threads

The Key to My 33-Year Marriage—Not Making Plans

Goal-setting and planning is a double-edged sword. How not planning has led to success in my long and loving marriage.

Common Threads

Don’t Pre-Worry

Don’t bother worrying about things you can’t control, especially the weather. What to do instead…

Exercise Equipment

Create a Peloton-Like Exercise Experience for Less

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a great workout at home.

Special Occasions

Gifts to Help You Enjoy Your Home Even More

: From a color candy jigsaw puzzle, to relaxing CBD-infused bath bomb, to a self-cleaning water bottle and more, there’s something for everyone on your gift list—including you!...


Today’s Best Cellular Plan Deals

Developments ranging from a big merger to a pandemic could help you save money on cellphone service this year.


Great Deals at Beach Resorts

Many beach resorts are offering some great deals with flexible refund policies for travel as late as mid-to-late 2021.


No-Fail Bread in Minutes

The “Bread in 5” technique involves just a few minutes of active prep work to create a large batch of dough, ready to go when you’re ready to bake.

Common Threads

To Learn…Really Be With Them

Lessons in politics from My Octopus Teacher: Miracles happen when you close your mouth and open your eyes.

Exercise & Fitness

How to Stick With Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions —Sarah Hiner talks to Celebrity Trainer Joel Harper

Tired of not keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Celebrity trainer Joel Harper joins Sarah Hiner to share his method for uncovering the hidden traps.

Common Threads

The Courage to Say “I Made a Mistake.”

It takes courage to admit to a mistake…especially when it’s a public one. The price of pridefully staying the course is even greater.


What the Change in Airline Change Fees Means

): Airline change fees have not been eliminated for all tickets and flights, and there are subtle but important differences among the policies.