Common Threads

Fight Excess-ivity

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the more complex something is, the better it must be. It’s “fake thinking.” Simple is so much simpler.


Working Through the Grief and Guilt of COVID

Applied Psychologist shares how to deal with the grief of loss and the guilt that you couldn’t say goodbye when a loved one dies of COVID.


Yes, You Can Self-Publish Your Book!

The number of self-published books is skyrocketing. Here’s how to create the book, e-book and/or audiobook of your dreams with a minimum of problems.


How to Create a Home Office in a Small Space

Avoid these mistakes when squeezing a home office into a living space.

Exercise Equipment

The Best Home Gym Equipment Now

We answer the key questions on how to choose home gym equipment that suits you and that you can afford.

Aging for Beginners

Active Leisure: A Worthwhile Retirement Goal

Age gives us the right to be happy by doing less work. Or, to be more accurate, by doing more play.

Common Threads

No Coincidences

Crazy coincidences may be random acts…or, as I like to believe, spiritual “hellos” that let us know we are not alone. Keep your eyes open to the magic.


Anyone Can Take Back the Power In His or Her Own Life—Sarah Hiner Talks to Steve Kelly

Everyone has the ability to take control over their own lives—no matter what their background or circumstances.

Aging for Beginners

Escape Artist: How to Safely Evacuate Your Home During Fire, Storm or Natural Disaster

With so many natural disasters in the news lately, we are reminded of the need to plan, prepare and implement emergency safety.

Common Threads

What Are You Going to Do About It?

The message has been heard…change is needed. Now trade in your messages of protest for actions that touch those in need and help them achieve the success that everyone wants.


What You Need to Know Before You Venture Into Nature—Sarah Hiner Talks to David Boyd from the White River National Forest

Getting back to nature sounds so…natural. And it is…but you must know what to pack and how to prepare in order to stay safe.

Aging for Beginners

Five Things that Are Surprisingly Better After 70

Don’t sweat the calendar. Take care of yourself, your pocketbook and, above all, your hat rack. Make sure you get to 70…it’s mostly in your control.

Common Threads

Forget Media Filters…Trust Your Own Truths and Do Your Own Research

Trust but verify as you watch the news and draw conclusions about the presidential race. The media has abdicated its role as unbiased reporters to create its own messages.


Health Benefits of Restorative Yoga

The deep relaxation of restorative yoga is improves sleep, mood and is especially good for health conditions made worse by stress. Learn more here.


Watch Out for That Anger…It’s Everywhere—Sarah Hiner Talks to Dr. Mark Goulston

How to protect yourself from the anger that is rampant in society, and even from the anger that maybe within you. Dr. Mark Goulston talks to Sarah Hiner.