Common Threads

Hollywood’s Very Glass House

Hollywood is missing its opportunity to catalyze the social changes they so righteously support. When you have the power, why not use it?


Saving Yourself from The Gray Divorce Epidemic – with Michele Weiner-Davis

Divorce rates are going down…unless you’re a little older and part of the growing trend of Gray Divorce. Why them?…

Common Threads

48 Hours to Restore at the Beach

You don’t have to live at the shore to go to the metaphorical beach and enjoy the deep restorative benefits of the relaxed, easy lifestyle. I did.

Exercise & Fitness

Should I Get a Body Composition Test?

When we put in the effort to exercise, we definitely want to get results. A body composition test is a smart way to help you achieve your goals…

Eat Like Margie

Grilled Vegetables Galore!

Rather than roast vegetables in the oven or sauté at the stove, it’s easier to grill. Then use the excess to create all kinds of meals afterwards.

Aging for Beginners

How to Hula Hoop: Mastering the Impossible

Even if you failed once, twice, three times, you can still master that skill. At 72, Adrianne Berg just did.

Soul Perspective

What You Can Do in Only 3-1/3 Seconds

We wield great power with our words. To hold back criticism, reject gossip or show restraint on social media is important but doesn’t go far enough.


Before You Start Using a Drone

Drone photography has become a popular hobby. Here’s what you need to know about buying and flying a drone


Podcasts You Won’t Want to Miss

Here’s our insider’s guide to all the best podcasts that you’re not listening to…and how to find even more that you will love.

Emotional Health

Angry People Might Just Need More Sleep

Even brief amounts of missed sleep can lower your natural ability to deal with frustration and cause you to lash out in anger.


Surprising Truths About Airfare Savings

When researchers dug through global airline ticket price data, they discovered that the conventional wisdom about savings often was wrong.


Stop Wasting Food and Save Money

The average family of four wastes $1,800 of food a year. Save money with these tips.

Emotional Health

Use Music to Feel Better

Music's power over our minds and bodies runs deep. Here’s how to use it to your advantage.

Common Threads

Taking My Own Advice

What advice would you give to your younger self? Perspective from nearly six decades provides a great view.

Your Personal Mind-Body Coach

Be Your Own Cheerleader

Being 100 percent motivated and invested in training yourself will give you the motivation you need to push yourself to the next level.