Emotional Health

Living a Full and Happy Life After a Traumatic Experience – With Christine Ristaino

Christine joins Sarah Hiner to tell the story of her traumatic past—which included molestation, rape and being mugged in front of her young children.

Common Threads

Beware of That Voice in Your Head

What is it about that little voice in our heads that can take the best day and turn it into a moment of insecurity? Beware—that voice lies.

Exercise & Fitness

Winter Inactivity Leads to Fast Weight Gain, Muscle Loss

Cold-weather couch potatoes, listen up! New research shows that winter inactivity leads to quick muscle loss—and even more dangers for older adults…

The Money Connoisseur

The Dangers and Attractions of Gold in Today’s Volatile World

Gold often serves as a safe haven, but it can carry a variety of risks. And media attention has changed with the times.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Yoga as a Catalyst for Change…for Healing, for Happiness

Yoga sparks change from the inside out. Those I recommend it to find that they eat, sleep and work better, exercise more, and love deeper. You can too.


Leading Cardiologist Talks with Bottom Line President About How to Juggle A Busy Life – with Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum

Dr. Steinbaum joins Sarah Hiner to discuss how she is able to do all she does professionally while raising an amazing teenage son and maintaining her sanity.

Common Threads

The Downside of Too Much Love

Too much "love" cost our dog four teeth. Too much love is costing our young people even more.

Aging for Beginners

The Language of Longevity: Why Age Words Matter

How you describe yourself—and how you perceive yourself— determine how you feel and behave at any age. Forget infirmity…focus on vitality.

Eat Like Margie

My Favorite, Go-To Recipes

Easy, flexible and proven-delicious ideas for breakfast, soup, sides, mains and 10-minute desserts. All free from gluten, eggs, dairy and cane sugar.

Soul Perspective

How Would the World Be Different Without You?

We all want meaning and joy in life, to make an impact. Then we get distracted and end up living with regret. Make this year different. Here's how...

Exercise & Fitness

Don’t Let Cold Weather Sabotage Your Fitness!

It's tempting to turn into a couch potato when it’s cold outside. But exercise is crucial during winter—and it’s not hard to stay active. Here’s how...

Common Threads

How Do You Take the Hill?

When you face a challenge, do you it slow...or quit? Fascinating lessons learned from watching a group of marathoners.

Aging for Beginners

Start Now to Be Who You Want to Be

The new world of longevity starts with one decision—who do you want to be in the later stages of life?

Your Personal Mind-Body Coach

Make Exercise a Habit

We can't brush our teeth only on Sundays and expect to keep them healthy, right? You must exercise in the same no­-option way. Here's how…

The Money Connoisseur

The Excitement of a New Year in Coin Collecting

A fresh, new start spurs golden optimism for a profitable future.