Aging for Beginners

What’s On Your Second Bucket List?

Go beyond the “insta-moments” when you travel with these ideas for pursuing hobbies abroad, meeting like-minded people and connecting with local culture.

Common Threads

Give a Gift…Get a Gift

Loving the “gift economy.” Spreads joy to others while cleaning out all that “stuff” that is too good to pitch and too small to sell.

The Money Connoisseur

Finding a Fortune in Your Pocket Change

Looking through the coins in your change and piggy bank can make you a mint. Here’s what to look for.

Aging for Beginners

OK Boomer: Have the Age Wars Begun?

“OK Boomer” is more than the newest phrase. It is a battle cry of generation and age warfare. But boomers can stop it. We’ve seen it before.


Negativity can be “Cured” Using the Science of Mindfulness to Live Happy—with Dr. Shauna Shapiro

Did you know that humans are preprogrammed to be negative? It was a survival tool…but not necessary today. Good news: Our brains can be rewired for happiness one small message a...

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The Endless Array of Amazing Sights Surrounding Us

Our world grows when we shift the filters we use to see things. There are new images at every turn. We just have to look for them.

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Get the Little Things Right

Richard Carlson said, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” I disagree. When it comes to your reputation, it’s the small stuff that matters first.

Aging for Beginners

Food for Skippy: Doggie Bags Boomer Style

In today's "PC world," even a simple doggie bag has taken on new meaning.

Retirement Living

Retire Bold and Rich—with Adriane Berg

Adriane Berg joins Sarah Hiner to discuss her newest book, The Retirement Income Explosion, and it’s lessons in financial planning for rich, bold retirement years.

Common Threads

Happy Relationships Have Many Faces

What would you do if your spouse or partner had an opportunity to work far away? Relocation is not a must. There are many creative solutions.

Eat Like Margie

Yummy Non-Dairy Milk Drinks (Yes, They Really Are Yummy)

Want to get more calcium into your diet but can’t drink or don't like milk? Here, five easy, low-calorie and delicious ways to flavor nondairy "milks."

Soul Perspective

Feeling Old—And Like Life Is Flying By? How to Stay Forever Young

Three questions to ask yourself...and four healthy practices to help you stay, as the Bob Dylan song implores us, "forever young."

Emotional Health

Living a Full and Happy Life After a Traumatic Experience – With Christine Ristaino

Christine joins Sarah Hiner to tell the story of her traumatic past—which included molestation, rape and being mugged in front of her young children.

Common Threads

Beware of That Voice in Your Head

What is it about that little voice in our heads that can take the best day and turn it into a moment of insecurity? Beware—that voice lies.

Exercise & Fitness

Winter Inactivity Leads to Fast Weight Gain, Muscle Loss

Cold-weather couch potatoes, listen up! New research shows that winter inactivity leads to quick muscle loss—and even more dangers for older adults…