Common Threads

Behave Your Way to Better Feelings

Feeling a Little Down? Look up… literally. Standing tall, looking up and smiling can change your outlook and your outcomes.

Eat Like Margie

Vegetarian Poke Bowl

Sautéed dishes of kale, mushrooms and cabbage plus carrot salad, mango and spiced tofu combine deliciously over brown rice or other whole grain.

Soul Perspective

The Lessons from Silence

Add silence to your list of human necessities. A week spent disconnected and mainly alone with just your thoughts could be the best thing you ever do.


Some New Devices Shine, Others Annoy, Car Owners Say

JD Power asked 15,000 car owners what they think of new devices ranging from backup cameras to lane-departure warnings. Here’s what they said.


Small Hotel Rooms, Big Hotel Savings

A big new trend in hotels features small rooms but big savings.


Summer Photo Fun

Improve your photo skills this summer with still life and twilight photography.


Moving a Household Can Be a Disaster—How to Avoid Big Blunders

A lot can go wrong when you pack up everything you own and move it to a new home. Here are common mistakes and how to avoid them.


Cars That Make Modern Tech Easy to Use

The technology in these vehicles—touchscreens, safety systems, etc.—is actually easy to use.


An Inside Look at How Star Athletes and Entertainers Stay Mentally and Physically Fit – with Celebrity Personal Trainer Joel Harper

Over the past 20 years, celebrity trainer Joel Harper has been developing custom workouts for some of the most accomplished…

Your Personal Mind-Body Coach

Stuck in an Emotional Funk? My Tricks to Get Over It

If you’re feeling stuck in unwanted feelings, I may have just the cure. Easy ways to get past feeling bored…lazy…lonely…self-pity… or sad.

The Money Connoisseur

Turning Your Rings and Things into Cash

If you’re thinking of selling off some gold, silver or jewelry, here’s how to make sure you get a fair price and aren’t taken advantage of.

Common Threads

I Had A Great Day…Why Can’t I Simply Be Proud?

Did you ever accomplish your goals yet still feel somewhat unsatisfied? Me, too. Here’s what happened when I ran the BolderBoulder.


8 Unforgettable Cruises to Off-Beat Destinations

For something different from the “same old cruise,” check out these eight unusual and unforgettable cruises to less common ports of call.


Why a Housemate Is a Great Idea at Any Age—and How to Pick a Good One

Home sharing can be a great way to live in a beautiful home, pay less and create an instant community.

Car Maintenance

Auto Recall Scams!

You get a postcard warning you that your vehicle has been recalled. Is it for real?