Special Occasions

3 Tips to Carve the Stress Out of Holiday Video Chats

A virtual holiday gathering through a video conferencing tool could be the next best thing to being there—even right during dinner.

Strength Training

Full-Body Muscle Workout with Resistance Bands

This resistance band circuit works every muscle in your body. The bands cost less than $20 and store easily in a drawer—or a suitcase for vacation.


The Secret to Super-Refreshing Iced Tea

One of a kind ice tea recipes: Enjoy some cucumber agua fresca…rosie Arnold Palmer…and creamy chai horchata.

Home Maintenance

Driveway Resealing Is Rarely Worth the Price

There are better, more economical ways to protect your driveway than a costly resealing.


Learn to Play an Instrument from Home: Best Sites & Apps

Learn to play piano, guitar, drums and more while avoiding the expense and inconvenience of live lessons. Free and low-cost sites and apps to teach you.


Best Gifts for Gardeners

Most gardeners have the basic trowel, shovel, clippers and rake, but will welcome a high-quality addition or an inspired upgrade. New favorites for your favorite gardener…


The Best Home Printers to Suit Your Needs

Printers vary widely in features and present tradeoffs in costs. Here are the best inkjet and laser printers…options for black & white only or color.

Home Improvements

Best Portable Generators to Get You Through a Power Outage

A gas-powered generator or backup battery system can keep your lights on and run a few key home appliances and functions. Here are some of the best.


Coffee: Drink Up for Less Body Fat

Coffee drinking has been linked to many health benefits—most recently to lower body fat. Study findings on the number of cups per day to blast the fat…

Common Threads

Happy Hallmark

You never know where you will learn lessons in life… even from escapist movies like those on the Hallmark Channel.

Home Improvements

Create a More Inviting Dining Room

The right chair height, table shape and wall color can make all the difference when you decorate your dining room.


Hiking Doesn’t Need to Stop Because It’s Winter: What You Need to Know

Safe winter hiking requires some additional equipment and planning and some deft strategies. Here are some of the best.

Common Threads

A Vital Teaching Moment

How we respond to the election results will mark the path of our future. It’s time to break down barriers and work together for our country.


Finding Meaning in Grief After the Death of a Loved one

Finding meaning following the death of a loved one is often an essential step in the grieving process.

Exercise Equipment

Great Bicycles That Won’t Break the Bank

You don’t have to pay top dollar for bikes that are great for riders ranging from a novice to a more sophisticated biker.