How to… Lower the Cost of Your Pets’ Meds

Did your last veterinary bill make you want to chew the upholstered furniture? One area where you can save money…


For a Happy, Successful Remarriage Ditch the Baggage from Your First Marriage

Many divorced people don’t know why their prior relationships failed, potentially dooming them to repeat self-sabotaging relationship patterns. Here, rules for a happy remarriage...

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Rediscover the Many Wonderful Moments of The Past Year

I just received the final photo proofs from my daughter’s September wedding. Perfect timing since it’s time for my trek…


The Auto Insurance Claim Drivers Don’t Know to File

If your car is in an accident, its value could plummet by as much as 35%—but there might be a way to recover that money with "diminished value" compensation from the insurer.


Make Mundane Meals Instantly Exotic

Go beyond ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise to add interesting new flavors to your meal with these nine international sauces.


Enjoy Home-Grown Veggies Well Into the Fall

Vegetable gardeners can keep their delicious home-grown crops coming. How to protect existing crops from the cold…what and how to plant in the fall.


Could the Building You Live or Work In Collapse?

Look for these signs that often appear when a high-rise or apartment building is in danger of collapse. And if you find them, take these steps.

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Happy Tales of Wonderful Service

There is so much frustration with poor service in every sector of the economy that I thought you’d like to…


Picnic Perfection

Having a picnic always sounds like a great idea, but a little bit of planning goes a long way toward making it the fun experience you’re dreaming of.


How to Avoid Costly Water Damage

Water damage is the most common cause of insurance claims. Reduce your risk by avoiding these 5 common mistakes.

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The New Electric Bikes

E-bikes, which can be pedaled but also have electric motors that provide assistance, are the fastest-growing segment in cycling. Top choices…

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The Death of Cash

If you want to find the big stock winners for the next decade, take a look at powerful growth trends…

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Are You Ready For the Next Disaster?

Beyond what to pack in your emergency bag, how should you prepare for a tornado, forest fire or other disaster in your area?


7 Strategies to Handle Tough Problems

If you keep replaying the same stressful scenarios in your life, it’s time to reframe your thinking to find the new solutions.


Make Your Tires Last 75,000 Miles or Even More

One of the most important parts of your car is the tires. Here’s how to treat them right for your safety, comfort and to save money.