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You’re Showering Wrong

Overbathing strips away the protective skin layer that keeps out irritants and keeps in moisture. Here, the right way to bathe—and the right products to keep skin soft and ageles...

Skin & Nails

DIY Solutions for Under-Eye Dark Circles and Bags

If you long to have smooth skin around your eyes—no puffiness or hollows, no dark circles, no lines or wrinkles—here are some less-obvious causes and do-it-yourself solutions.


Dress for Your Best Life

When you get dressed each day, external forces typically dictate what we wear—the weather, specific occasions, work. Why don’t you try dressing for yourself?


Stylish Yet Practical Winter Coats

Budget-friendly picks and splurges on classic silhouettes, swingy walker coats, pea coats and more…


Shoes Don’t Have to Hurt!

There are so many stylish options and brands—from casual to high-end—for shoes that look as good as they feel


Easy Ways Any Woman Can Update Her Look

Have you been slipping out of fashion? Or you’re already way out? No problem! Here’s how to instantly and affordably get your style back.


Remedies for Unwashed Hair

Hacks and kitchen remedies for dirty hair days.


How to Make Your Shoes Feel Great

Keep your shoes fit and fitting well.

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Sudden Adult Acne: Mystery Solved and Cured—Naturally

Liz’s sudden and persistent acne flare-up—the lower half of her face was covered in pimples—defied her dermatologist. Here’s what solved it.

Skin & Nails

Why Do the Veins in My Hands Bulge So Much?

Our hands tell a lot about our age, but bulging hand veins can be a clue to various medical conditions. Read on for details…

Beyond Beauty

7 Mindless Ways We Undermine Our Skin Health

Even the best skincare products can’t make up for how these seven big mistakes will age your skin. Here’s what you need to do instead.

Skin & Nails

Practically Free Facial Cosmetics

Easy homemade facial cosmetics that save you money.

Beyond Beauty

Crazy Things We Do for Beauty

Sleeping with sunglasses to prevent wrinkles…Putting Windex on pimples…Feet peels that peel and peel and peel…and more. Do they work???

Skin & Nails

Homemade Hand Moisturizers

These better-for-you hand moisturizers are easy to make.

Beyond Beauty

My Favorite Face Masks: To Hydrate, Prevent Blemishes & Soothe

Masks come in so many forms and formulations. It’s confusing! Here are the safest ingredients—and the worst to be avoided.