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Exercises to Beat Anger or Anxiety

Anger and anxiety are normal from time to time, but unhealthy and unproductive over long periods of time. These exercises let it all out.

Emotional Health

Don’t Let Money Fights Ruin Your Marriage

Fighting over money is the number one stress for couples. Here's an easy three-step plan to end the fighting and make your marriage happier.

Soul Perspective

Feeling Stuck? You Can Get Past Whatever Is Holding You Back

Stuckness is epidemic. Follow these four steps to getting unstuck, and reenergize your life!


How to Comfort Someone Who Lost a Loved One to Suicide

Few deaths are as tragic as those due to suicide—especially for the family members left behind. Here’s how you can help…

Emotional Health

Say Good-Bye to Regrets

All regrets are not created equal. Here’s how to avoid the ones you’ll rue the most.

Emotional Health

Just Thinking You’re Not Keeping Up with the Joneses Can Make You Feel Old

How you think you stack up economically against your neighbors can affect your health—negatively. How to feel better about money and be healthier.

Soul Perspective

Let It Go: How to Release Your Anger and Say Good-Bye to Grudges

A person who carries a grudge hurts himself more than the object of the grudge. Two steps to get that unwanted visitor out of your head and move on.

Aging for Beginners

Are You Better Off If Your Dreams Don’t Come True?

Why are so many successful people so miserable? And why are the rest of us trying so hard to reach the same sad destination?

Emotional Health

Is Trying to Be Perfect Stealing Your Happiness?

Perfectionism is on the rise, causing anxiety and depression and holding people back. Here’s how to break the cycle of perfectionism and be happier.

Common Threads

Sometimes You Just Need a Rest

Sometimes the most important thing you can do for yourself is relax. Type-A personality and CEO of Bottom Line Inc Sarah Hiner cannot stress this enough!

At the Heart of It All

My Balancing Act: How to Have It All

I neglected my own needs for years, giving until I made myself literally sick. I finally realized that caring for myself was key to making it all work.

Soul Perspective

Jack Didn’t Know Just How Gifted He Was; Do You Know Your Gifts?

We are each uniquely designed with talents, experiences and passions to fulfill a particular task in life. Let yourself see it.

Emotional Health

The Surprising Benefits of Nostalgia

Nostalgia—remembering the past in a positive way—is a surprisingly good way to build emotional resilience. Here's how to cultivate nostalgia.

Soul Perspective

What to Say When You Visit Someone in the Hospital

There is nearly a universal response to the prospect of visiting someone in the hospital: Terror. Here’s how to get past your fears.


Getting Back to Life After the Death of a Spouse

The death of a spouse is among the greatest sources of grief. We not only lose the person who may…