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Shop Local for More Than Just Food

Bricks-and-mortar stores hurt themselves with bad service. Shop local for food has been transformative. Let’s shop local for retail, too, but first a few changes.

Movies, TV & Video

10 Documentaries Everyone Should See

Top picks for the best documentaries about music, sports, true crime, food and more.


Podcasts You Won’t Want to Miss

Here’s our insider’s guide to all the best podcasts that you’re not listening to…and how to find even more that you will love.


Books Couples Will Love to Read Together

True-crime…thrillers…bite-sized fiction…the science of sex…how to better daydream and more!


Beginner’s Guide to Craps

Craps is one of the most fun and potentially most rewarding games in the casino—plus, it’s easy to play.


Great Reads About the Great People Who Left Us in 2018

We lost many amazing people in 2018, so now’s a great time to learn more about Stan Lee…Aretha Franklin…John McCain…Stan Lee…and Stephen Hawking.

Movies, TV & Video

Watch Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies Without a Fee

Want to cut the cable cord? There are many great streaming channels that are free (except for having to watch commercials).

Movies, TV & Video

Streaming Sites that Offer the Shows and Movies You’ll Want to Watch

Here are the best streaming video services to replace expensive cable or satellite TV packages.

Aging for Beginners

Confessions of a Theater Addict

Here’s why I absolutely, positively must attend live theater, and lots of it. And why you might consider indulging in this happy addiction, too.


Provide a Warm Welcome for Your Guests

Easy ways to help your overnight guests feel at home.

Aging for Beginners

Just Stop It! Don’t Discuss Your Health at Restaurants

Talking about our health at dinner (and lunch) is an epidemic that must be stopped by any means necessary. Here’s why.


How to Get Better Service in Restaurants

Restaurant patrons have more control over the quality of the service they receive than they realize. Here are the secrets.


Questions to Ask When Hiring a Personal Fitness Trainer

A personal trainer is the ultimate exercise partner in meeting fitness goals. Here’s what to ask to find your perfect fit.

Movies, TV & Video

More Great Movies You’ve Never Heard Of

If you’re looking for something different for movie night, here are some obscure but amazing movies you can stream.


Clever Tricks for Winning at Monopoly, Scrabble and Other Popular Games

British science writer Tom Whipple has uncovered winning strategies for games ranging from Monopoly to Rock-Paper-Scissors.