Exercise & Fitness

Exercise & Fitness

The New Electric Bikes

E-bikes, which can be pedaled but also have electric motors that provide assistance, are the fastest-growing segment in cycling. Top choices…

Exercise & Fitness

How to Stop Achilles Heel Pain

Achilles heel pain is almost always caused by a weak gluteus medius muscle on one or both sides of the body. Here’s how to solve the pain.

Exercise & Fitness

These Boots Are Made for Hiking

What could be better than ­hiking through a beautiful wooded area…or up a mountain trail…on a bright sunny day? Lots…


Restorative Yoga Is the New Power Yoga

Restorative yoga is the perfect antidote to a busy life. Here, three poses to realign your body, calm down and experience a deep sense of well-being.

Strength Training

Strength Training Starts With the Brain

A new study shows strength training is strengthening your nervous system before your muscles get bigger and stronger.

Exercise Equipment

Create a Peloton-Like Exercise Experience for Less

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a great workout at home.

Exercise & Fitness

How to Stick With Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions —Sarah Hiner talks to Celebrity Trainer Joel Harper

Tired of not keeping your New Year’s resolutions? Celebrity trainer Joel Harper joins Sarah Hiner to share his method for uncovering the hidden traps.

Strength Training

Full-Body Muscle Workout with Resistance Bands

This resistance band circuit works every muscle in your body. The bands cost less than $20 and store easily in a drawer—or a suitcase for vacation.


Hiking Doesn’t Need to Stop Because It’s Winter: What You Need to Know

Safe winter hiking requires some additional equipment and planning and some deft strategies. Here are some of the best.

Exercise Equipment

Great Bicycles That Won’t Break the Bank

You don’t have to pay top dollar for bikes that are great for riders ranging from a novice to a more sophisticated biker.

Exercise Equipment

The Best Home Gym Equipment Now

We answer the key questions on how to choose home gym equipment that suits you and that you can afford.

Exercise Equipment

Vroom! Cutting-Edge Athletic Shoes to Up Your Performance

Run faster, improve balance and stability when cross-training or off-road running…plus picks for walking and biking. Your feet are worth it!


Too Busy to Exercise? Fidget-cisers Can Help Anytime, Anywhere

You can improve fitness and muscle tone in the midst of activities you’re already doing—whether at your desk, in your kitchen or in line at the store.

Strength Training

Strength Training After 50: Six Simple Exercises to Get Started

If you work up a sweat with cardio, don’t assume you’re getting all the exercise you need. Here are six essential simple strength-training moves…

Exercise & Fitness

It’s Time to Get Back on a Bike—Electric Models and Three-Wheelers Make It Easier for Everyone

Even if you haven’t been on a bike in years, it’s a great way to exercise—especially with popular electric-powered models and three-wheelers. Read on…