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Exercise Equipment

The Best Home Gym Equipment Now

We answer the key questions on how to choose home gym equipment that suits you and that you can afford.

Exercise Equipment

Vroom! Cutting-Edge Athletic Shoes to Up Your Performance

Run faster, improve balance and stability when cross-training or off-road running…plus picks for walking and biking. Your feet are worth it!


Too Busy to Exercise? Fidget-cisers Can Help Anytime, Anywhere

You can improve fitness and muscle tone in the midst of activities you’re already doing—whether at your desk, in your kitchen or in line at the store.

Strength Training

Strength Training After 50: Six Simple Exercises to Get Started

If you work up a sweat with cardio, don’t assume you’re getting all the exercise you need. Here are six essential simple strength-training moves…

Exercise & Fitness

Hoop it up for better fitness

You may remember kids playing with hula hoops decades ago, but the exercise known as “hooping” is now gaining popularity…

Exercise & Fitness

It’s Time to Get Back on a Bike—Electric Models and Three-Wheelers Make It Easier for Everyone

Even if you haven’t been on a bike in years, it’s a great way to exercise—especially with popular electric-powered models and three-wheelers. Read on…

Exercise & Fitness

8 Simple Techniques for Improving your Posture

Change your posture—and your outlook on life—by using mindfulness techniques.

Exercise & Fitness

Simple Steps to Setting Your Cycling Goals

Now that you’re ready to get pedaling, it’s important to set some goals for your cycling workouts. Whether you’re using…

Exercise & Fitness

Three Top Foam Roller Exercises

Three top foam roller exercises ease your biggest points of pain and stiffness in quads, lats and butt.

Exercise Equipment

Work Out Wear To Make Your Workout Work Better

Best fabrics and fits for running, skiing, spinning, or strength training

Aging for Beginners

I’ve Grown Accustomed to Your Mace: How to Get Out of Your Exercise Rut

There are many fascinating ways to stay fit beyond the treadmill. Search and you’ll find an ancient mace, gorilla bells, hula hoops and more.

Exercise & Fitness

Winter Inactivity Leads to Fast Weight Gain, Muscle Loss

Cold-weather couch potatoes, listen up! New research shows that winter inactivity leads to quick muscle loss—and even more dangers for older adults…

Natural Healing Secrets for Women

Yoga as a Catalyst for Change…for Healing, for Happiness

Yoga sparks change from the inside out. Those I recommend it to find that they eat, sleep and work better, exercise more, and love deeper. You can too.

Exercise & Fitness

Don’t Let Cold Weather Sabotage Your Fitness!

It's tempting to turn into a couch potato when it’s cold outside. But exercise is crucial during winter—and it’s not hard to stay active. Here’s how...

Your Personal Mind-Body Coach

Make Exercise a Habit

We can't brush our teeth only on Sundays and expect to keep them healthy, right? You must exercise in the same no­-option way. Here's how…