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Strength Training

Finetune Strength Training for Specific Goals

Already in the gym pumping iron? Make lifting weights doubly effective by tailoring your program with these easy steps.

Exercise & Fitness

The Best Back-Saving Chairs

Between unhealthy sitting all day and tiresome “standing desks,” there’s a middle ground of chairs that can help save your back.

Exercise & Fitness

Sitting Too Long? 7 Really Quick Fitness Breaks

PING. That’s the timer on your smart watch, which you’ve set to go off every hour to remind you to…

Strength Training

The 13-Minute-a-Day Strength Workout

You know that maintaining muscle strength is vital for staying healthy and agile. But not everyone has the time (or…


The Easy Way to Do HIIT: This “Intense” Exercise Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard

High-intensity interval training is faster and more effective than traditional aerobic exercise. But it’s not too hard! Here’s how anyone can do it…

Your Personal Mind-Body Coach

Do You Push Yourself Hard Enough in Your Workout? How to Tell

Use this rating scale as a fast way to get a read on how hard you are pushing yourself throughout all parts of your workout.


Mix Up Your Exercise Routine

Any exercise is better than nothing, but a varied workout will give you the most bang for your buck. Here’s what to add to your workout…

Exercise & Fitness

What’s Your Exercise Personality? Take the Quiz!

To get the most from exercise, it should fit your personality, not vice versa. Take the quiz to uncover your workout style.

Playing Sports

Pickleball for All

Though it’s been around for 50 years, you might not have heard of this cross between ping pong and tennis. It’s time to get acquainted.

Exercise & Fitness

Plogging: The New Exercise Trend That Does Your Heart and Soul Good

Plogging is a jogging trend that helps you get fit while making the world around you a little greener.

Your Personal Mind-Body Coach

You Can’t Change What You Refuse to Confront

Your choices helped create your current physique. Here’s how you can uncreate it to get the body you want.


Are You Walking Fast Enough to Live a Long Life?

How fast should you be walking to prevent heart disease and other killers? A 30-minute mile? 20? 10? A new study has the answers.

Pain Relief in Motion

Train Like You’re In the World Cup

Weekend warriors get injured when the spirit is willing but the body is weak. Here’s a smart three-part weekday training program to up your game.

Exercise & Fitness

Up Your Fitness Game at Circus School

You don’t have to run away and join the circus to get the thrills and health benefits of the flying trapeze and other big-top acrobatics.

Exercise & Fitness

Like TV a Little Too Much? Do This and It Won’t Hurt Your Health

Surprise: You can watch as much TV as you want (or surf the web) without harming your health if you know this one fitness tip.