It’s OK to Let Adult Children Struggle

It’s hard to let children struggle when you can solve their problems. For their sake, it’s better to let them overcome obstacles on their own

Common Threads

The Downside of Too Much Love

Too much "love" cost our dog four teeth. Too much love is costing our young people even more.


8 Super-Fun Games for Your Next Family Get-Together

Fun games for all ages from silly to truly competitive

Aging for Beginners

Why Won’t Mama Listen to Me?

How do you get aging parents to move to a safer home? With love, strength and a deep understanding for what they are going through.

Family Finances

Is Your Grown Child Returning to the Nest?

Here’s what you need to know about the social and economic pressures that prevent adult children from moving out and what to do about it all.


Helping Parents and Students Survive Freshman Year of College – with Alison Leigh Cowan

Alison Leigh Cowan and Sarah Hiner help parents understand their child’s experience at college and how to provide the right level of support.

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When You Meet Their Guy/Gal for the First Time

It’s a tricky path when parents meet their kids’ first loves. Say too much or say it wrong, and you may be ousted from future events. How to do it just right.


How We Are Emotionally Crippling Our Children and the Easy Way to Overcome It—with Erica Komisar, LCSW

Erica Komisar joins Sarah Hiner to discuss and expand on her recently published op-ed for The Wall Street Journal titled “We’re Overmedicating Our Children.”

Aging for Beginners

FINDING THE RIGHT WORDS: Why It Took 10 Years to Buy a Memorial Bench for My Mother…and What I Learned Along the Way

After they die, how do you find the right words to memorialize them? Adriane Berg shares her journey.

Common Threads

Teach Our Children Well

Adulting is hard…we could make the transition easier by teaching our young adult basic life skills before they make costly mistakes.

Soul Perspective

Meaningful Ways to Remember Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away

Four ways to reconnect to a loved one no matter how many years since he or she died. One candle, one soul, can light many flames. Pass it on!

Aging for Beginners

The Grandparent Chronicles Part 3: Is Your Grandchild Digitized?

Today’s young children will be so completely digitized that they will make even millennials look old fashioned. Can we do anything about this? Should we?

What Caregivers Need

Write Your Life Story: The Best Gift for Children and Grandchildren

While you still remember—questions to you get started sharing your life story with the people you love…and for caregivers to get their loved ones talking.


7 Ways to Get Your Kids to Talk to You About Their Health

Teens may be reluctant or embarrassed to come to you when they think something’s wrong with their bodies. Here’s how to get them to open up.

What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You

Avoid Family Conflicts When a Parent is Ill or Dying

Advanced planning is key to prevent even more difficulties when a parent is seriously ill. What you need to do well before illness or disability occurs.