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The Secret to Finding Great Cheap Wine

Great wines from famous places are overpriced. Here's how to find great values by seeking similar wines from obscure regions.

Eat Like Margie

Green Gobblin’ Salad: Fennel, Apple, Broccoli & Avocado

Love broccoli florets but toss the stems? With this flavorful salad, you’ll benefit from all of its nutrients without it tasting like, well, broccoli.

Cooking Techniques

Perfect Muffins Every Time

Make light, fluffy muffins that don’t stick to the pan.


Delicious Healthy Stews to Warm Up Your Winter

These stews from Ellie Krieger make living well easy—Make-ahead bouillabaisse…African peanut stew…Sunday sauce beef stew.


The 4 Best Alcohol-Free Drinks in America

These alcohol-free drinks are the ones to make if you’re cutting down on alcohol or you just want a refreshing drink—or two—that leaves your head clear.

Eat Like Margie

Apple-Carrot Muffins for a Grab & Go Breakfast

This mouthwatering muffin is packed with nutrition for an all-in-one breakfast you can eat on the go. Gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free!


Chocolate—The Anytime Health Food

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Research shows that this “special treat” has more health benefits than previously thought.

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The Best No-Fail Bread Recipe for the Holidays

Is there really such a thing as a no-fail bread recipe? Sure—depending on your definition of fail. Here’s Adriane Berg’s sweet recipe for the holidays.


Wheat-Free Holiday Baking Everyone Will Love

We’ve taken the guesswork out of making wheat-free, gluten-free holiday scones and a delicious fruit-filled pastry.

Eat Like Margie

Savory Beef Stew—Just 4 Ingredients!

Simple ingredients, but the flavor from the mushrooms and wine is so rich and savory. Plan ahead to make ahead—stew is always better the second day!

Alcoholic Drinks

Great Holiday Gift Wines from $10 to $70

Bringing wine? Make it special! You'll find great values in these delicious and unusual red, white, and sparkling wines.


My Favorite Finds at the 2018 Fancy Food Show

Turmeric with ginger? Cocoa beans with virgin olive oil? Pineapple with tequila? Find the best new food flavor combos.


Cheap, Low-Tech Cooking Gadgets No One Should Be Without

These affordable kitchen tools work great, last forever, and will make your meals healthier, too.

Alcoholic Drinks

Why You Pay Too Much for Wine

How much people are willing to pay for wine is affected by many things other than a wine’s true taste. Here’s how to overcome that.

Cooking Techniques

Top Chefs’ Tips to Maximize Flavors in Food

James Beard Foundation recognized chefs show you how to maximize fresh ingredients, minimize waste and wring out every possible nutrient.