Meat & Poultry

False Labeling on Grass-Fed Beef

Don’t get fooled— verify the grass-fed certification on beef.


Making Your Own Nut Butter Is Easy!

If you have a favorite nut (or seed) butter—whether it’s made from walnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, etc.—you don’t have to…

Eat Like Margie

Yummy Non-Dairy Milk Drinks (Yes, They Really Are Yummy)

Want to get more calcium into your diet but can’t drink or don't like milk? Here, five easy, low-calorie and delicious ways to flavor nondairy "milks."

Eat Like Margie

My Favorite, Go-To Recipes

Easy, flexible and proven-delicious ideas for breakfast, soup, sides, mains and 10-minute desserts. All free from gluten, eggs, dairy and cane sugar.

Alcoholic Drinks

The Best-Selling Sparkling Wines in the US

Prosecco is an incredibly popular, inexpensive, very tasty sparkling wine. Here, wine guru Jeff Siegel’s top picks plus tasty cocktail recipes.


Holiday Cookies with International Flair

Serve (or gift) these unique takes on traditional Christmas cookies from around the world—gingerbread, chocolate, peppermint, candied fruit and more.

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Garlic Miso Soup: The Cold Medicine You’ll Crave

Garlic is nature’s cold medicine. This recipe delivers garlic in a very tasty way—along with immune-boosting ginger, mushrooms and more. Mmmmmm…

Eat Like Margie

My New Favorites: Breakfast Quinoa & Maple-Mexican Hot Chocolate

The perfect way to start your day. Delicious, satisfying, healthy…and no gluten, dairy or cane sugar.


Beyond All-Purpose Flour: Get More Nutrition with Oat, Almond and Other Flours

If your go-to baking ingredient is all-purpose wheat flour, try these healthier (and tasty!) alternatives—flours made with rye, nuts, oats and more…


Amazing Holiday Pies

Dutch apple crumble, pear-cranberry lattice pie, sweet potato pie with mini marshmallows or pumpkin cheesecake pie—bake them all!

Eat Like Margie

Baked Blueberry Pancake: Tasty Time-Saver

Love pancakes but not the time it takes to make them? This baked blueberry pancake is free from gluten, dairy, eggs, cane sugar and 100% delicious.

Your Personal Mind-Body Coach

What I Eat to Stay Fit and Healthy

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland! Here is my Week 1 Shopping List…weekly meal plan…plus recipes for Apple Pumpkin Salad, Ginger Shrimp, more.


Natural, Healthy and Tasty Alternatives to Coffee and Tea

Expand your choices for a morning energy boost with these natural, healthy and delicious herbal teas


Killer Halloween Party Food

Whip up some purple martinis, curried pumpkin soup, and voodoo cookies for Halloween this year