Home Improvements

Smart Window Shades: Clever Solutions for the Right Amount of Sunlight

“Smart” window shades can be opened and shut via remote control…smartphone app…or even with voice commands.


Declutter Like the Swedish: The Gentle Art of Death Cleaning

This Swedish decluttering technique can help you live a happier life and make things easier for your children.


How to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

Deer eat garden plants and carry Lyme-disease-causing ticks. Here are the best ways to keep them off your property.


Now’s the Time to Fix Your Lawn’s Bare and Thin Spots

How you treat your lawn in the fall will make all the difference next spring and summer. Here's what to do.


Plant Fall Bulbs Right

Popular garden author Teri Chase shares her favorite fall bulb planting tips.


5 Ways to Save Money on Moving

Moving can be a hassle, but with these apps and other resources, you can save lots of money…and lots of stress.


Cohousing: Living Large While You Downsize Your Home

Cohousing communities are catching on in the US. They combine private home ownership with lots of community amenities. Is cohousing right for you?


Should you buy a new or a “used” house? Sarah and Danny Lipford discuss

In this episode of The Bottom Line Advocator, Emmy Award–nominated and nationally syndicated television personality Danny Lipford joins Bottom Line Inc president Sarah Hiner to d...


How to Make Cut Garden Flowers Last Longer

Why do cut flowers from a florist seem to last longer than ones from your own garden? It's the cutting technique—learn it here.


Should I Clean My Kitchen Counters with Oregano Oil?

Oregano oil is in many all-natural cleaners and recipes for making your own. Does it really kill the germs that can make you sick? Find out…


Check Your Kitchen for This Surprising Cause of Food Poisoning

You can probably name most of the germiest spots in your kitchen, but scientists have identified a surprising item that’s a hotbed of bacteria…


How to Keep Your Garden Colorful All Summer Long

Easy ways to brighten up your garden with color after the flowers of spring have faded.


Fresh Eggs Every Day! A Simple Guide to Raising Chickens in Your Backyard

Raising chickens in your backyard is easier than ever—and takes less time than you think. Here's everything you need to know.


How to Battle Slugs in Your Garden—and Win

Slimy garden slugs can eat your garden seedlings. Here's how to get rid of them and even turn them into bait for birds.


Home Security System Scams

A home security system monitored by a security company is supposed to increase your safety and protect your property—but scammers…