Stop Having the Same Fight Over and Over

Constant arguing can corrode the foundation of any relationship over time. Learn how to fight less–and love more

Difficult People

How to Handle a Relationship-Altering Betrayal – with Dr. Mark Goulston

Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner is joined by prominent psychiatrist Dr. Mark Goulston, FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer and suicide specialist to talk about trust and b...


Why Is It So Hard to Accept a Compliment?­—with Suzann Pileggi Pawelski

In this episode, Bottom Line President Sarah Hiner is joined by Suzann ("Suzie") Pileggi Pawelski to discuss why it’s so hard for people to accept compliments.

Common Threads

Would You Rather Die Right or Die Happy?

Two stubborn mules don’t get anywhere faster. Standing firm in your corner doesn’t help. Bottom Line’s CEO Sarah Hiner helps break those emotional standoffs.


How to Support Someone with Cancer

Feeling awkward and helpless is natural when you learn that a friend has cancer. Here’s the best way to show you care.


Save Your Marriage in Two Days

Two-day couples intensive therapy is surprisingly powerful and offers many advantages over the traditional model of weekly hour-long sessions.


The New “Living Apart Together” Trend for Couples

A growing number of people are choosing to be in committed, long-term relationships but keep their own, separate homes.


A Hidden Cost to the Living Apart Together Lifestyle

Unmarried couples who choose to keep two homes may be losing out on a key benefit—as domestic partners. Find out your options.


This Is Why You Shouldn’t Help Your Coworkers

Helping a coworker often backfires. Here’s why—and wat to do instead.

Soul Perspective

How to Keep Calm When You Passionately Disagree With Someone

Our faith traditions offer very effective strategies for defusing heated conversations (especially political ones) where participants disagree.


Is an On Again–Off Again Relationship Running—or Ruining—Your Life?

Is your current romantic relationship a string of breakups and makeups? Find out whether to fix the relationship or call it quits for good.


7 Big Secrets About Divorce That Could Cost You Big

Seven things that experienced divorce attorneys know that many people nearing or enduring the divorce process do not.


When Someone You Love Is Struggling to Conceive

You want to offer support and comfort but aren’t sure how. Here are the do’s and don’ts of showing concern.

Soul Perspective

How to Keep Friends Who Complain Too Much

One of the most challenging relationships is one with a friend who focus on the negative. Five tips to handle complainers—and even turn them around.


When Wives Earn More Than Husbands, They Fudge the Numbers

When the wife earns more than the husband, it’s often an uncomfortable situation for the couple. But here's how you both can feel better about it.