Common Threads

Hollywood’s Very Glass House

Hollywood is missing its opportunity to catalyze the social changes they so righteously support. When you have the power, why not use it?

Common Threads

48 Hours to Restore at the Beach

You don’t have to live at the shore to go to the metaphorical beach and enjoy the deep restorative benefits of the relaxed, easy lifestyle. I did.

Aging for Beginners

How to Hula Hoop: Mastering the Impossible

Even if you failed once, twice, three times, you can still master that skill. At 72, Adrianne Berg just did.

Common Threads

Taking My Own Advice

What advice would you give to your younger self? Perspective from nearly six decades provides a great view.


Suddenly Single…How to Start Your New Life

Single life can be healthy, fun and fulfilling. Make the most of being single.


8 Secrets to Making Good Habits Stick

Good habits are not out of reach if you know the secrets for how to stick to them. Two behavior experts explain how.

Common Threads

Yes, Mom…Yes, America

“Yes” is one of the best feel-good words. I love saying it. My mother raised me in a world of “yes,” and our country grew from a position of “yes.”

Common Threads

The Indecision of Decision Making

When given the chance to control parts of their life, many people let others decide and become a victim in their own lives. Tragic.

Common Threads

When Trouble Strikes, Do You Fight or Take Flight?

It’s uncomfortable to fight in the face of challenges, but it’s better than being beaten by them. There’s a pathway to resilience.


The Power of Resilience—with Dan “Nitro” Clark

Dan “Nitro” Clark joins Sarah Hiner to discuss how his heart attack motivated him to spread his message of resiliency, gratitude and optimism to the world.

Common Threads

Behave Your Way to Better Feelings

Feeling a Little Down? Look up… literally. Standing tall, looking up and smiling can change your outlook and your outcomes.

Soul Perspective

The Lessons from Silence

Add silence to your list of human necessities. A week spent disconnected and mainly alone with just your thoughts could be the best thing you ever do.


An Inside Look at How Star Athletes and Entertainers Stay Mentally and Physically Fit – with Celebrity Personal Trainer Joel Harper

Over the past 20 years, celebrity trainer Joel Harper has been developing custom workouts for some of the most accomplished…

Your Personal Mind-Body Coach

Stuck in an Emotional Funk? My Tricks to Get Over It

If you’re feeling stuck in unwanted feelings, I may have just the cure. Easy ways to get past feeling bored…lazy…lonely…self-pity… or sad.

Common Threads

I Had A Great Day…Why Can’t I Simply Be Proud?

Did you ever accomplish your goals yet still feel somewhat unsatisfied? Me, too. Here’s what happened when I ran the BolderBoulder.