Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

The Big Social Security Mistake Most People Make

Very few people pick the right age to start collecting Social Security, sacrificing many thousands of dollars, according to a new study.

Financial Advisers

Financial Advisers Reveal the Worst Mistakes Their Clients Made

You would be shocked by the financially foolish things some people do. You can learn to avoid disaster from these financial goofs.

Retirement Planning

Don’t Make a Costly Mistake with Your Retirement Savings When Changing Jobs

If you’re switching jobs, here’s how to make sure you’re making the right moves with your retirement savings.

Financial Planning

Prepare Your Finances for a Possible Recession

Don’t let an economic downturn hurt your investments or your savings, borrowing and spending.

Financial Planning

Employers Are Helping Build Emergency Savings

Help is available to build rainy-day funds. Hundreds of companies have programs to encourage employees to save for unanticipated expenses.

Financial Planning

Don’t Let Faulty Beliefs About Money Ruin Your Financial Life

The inaccurate beliefs and harmful attitudes from childhood about how we should deal with money can be unlearned. Here’s how.

Financial Planning

How Parents Give Children Allowance Money Is Changing

Giving kids allowance is changing with tech-savvy kids. Here’s how to turn it into a teaching moment and prepare them for financial responsibility.

Retirement Planning

New Rules for Retirement and Education Savings Plans

Vital reading for people with 401(k)s, IRAs, 529 plans to understand how proposed new federal legislation would affect people with 401(k)s, IRAs and 529 plans.

Retirement Planning

Are You Putting Your Retirement at Risk by Helping Your Kids?

Knowing when to cut financial ties with your adult children can be a difficult decision. Here’s what a new study says.

Retirement Planning

The All-Dividend Portfolio

This strategy does a great job of providing retirement income in today’s low-rate, high-risk investment environment.

Retirement Planning

A Retirement Crisis of Confidence

Not many people seem confident in their retirement plans, but there are some companies that are making investors happy. Here’s what you need to know.

Retirement Accounts

How to Decide on a Pension Buyout

Lump-sum pension buyout offers are about to become more common, but they could backfire. Here’s what you need to know.

Retirement Accounts

Why a 401(k) Can Be a Good Place for an Annuity

Congress is expected to pass legislation to make annuities more widely available in 401(k)s. That will have several advantages…

Aging for Beginners

Are You Financially SECURE? What the New Retirement Legislation Could Mean to You

401(k) options are getting better. New proposals in the House and Senate are a potential boon for baby boomers and their post-retirement income.

Wealthy and Wise

Is Your Retirement Account Safe from Creditors?

Whether your IRAs are protected from creditors depends on the answers to several questions.