Stock Opportunity: Mid-Cap Dividend Payers

Dividend-paying stocks of medium-size companies become more attractive as big blue-chip stocks have soared.

Wealthy and Wise

How Your Trust Can Avoid Taxes by Changing States

You can completely avoid state income tax on a trust’s income based on guidelines from a recent US Supreme Court ruling. Here’s how.

Health Insurance

Medicare Advantage or Original Medicare? How to Choose

If you need help navigating the alphabet soup of traditional Medicare (plus Medigap) and Medicare Advantage, here’s how.


These Trends Could Boost Your Stock Returns for Years

Trends that last 10 years can bolster companies in good and bad times, creating big investment opportunities.

Personal Loans

Despite Lower Rates, Most Vehicle Owners Shouldn’t Refinance

Here’s how to assess the possible savings by refinancing an auto loan.


Your Bank Safe-Deposit Box Might Not Be as Safe as You Think

Losses from safe deposit boxes are not uncommon for reasons ranging from bank mistakes to floods.


Insider Buying at These Companies May Be a Buy Signal for You Too

Four insider-buying guidelines can help you find attractive stocks

Health Insurance

The Best Health-Care Insurers

The best health-care insurers in a nationwide survey stand out for value, customer service and more.

Health Insurance

The Best Medicare Advantage Plan

Members of Medicare Advantage plans share their insights to help you choose the best options.

Health Insurance

How to Choose a Private Health Insurance Plan

The best health-care insurers in a nationwide survey stand out for value, customer service and more.

Retirement Planning

Don’t Make a Costly Mistake with Your Retirement Savings When Changing Jobs

If you’re switching jobs, here’s how to make sure you’re making the right moves with your retirement savings.

The Pay-Less-Tax Man

Think About Tax Savings Before 2019 Ends

Don’t wait until April 15 approaches to figure out how to save money on your 2019 taxes.

Buying & Selling

Help Your Adult Child Become a Home Owner

If your adult child is dreaming of buying a home, here are some steps to take and how you can help him or her.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Beyond Stars: Morningstar Seeks Gold Medal For New Fund Ratings

Research firm Morningstar Inc. is adjusting its medals rating system to reflect the impact of fees.

Financial Planning

Prepare Your Finances for a Possible Recession

Don’t let an economic downturn hurt your investments or your savings, borrowing and spending.