Mutual Funds & ETFs

Simplify Your Portfolio with One, Two or Three Funds

Instead of cramming your investment portfolio full of funds, consider consolidating.

Portfolio Strategy

How To Manage Your Emotions In Tumultuous Markets

To keep your financial plans on track, here are six guardrails to help you avoid giving in to extreme and often contradictory urges.

The Economy

Economist Allen Sinai: Market Recovery May Be Painfully Slow

Here’s when the economy and the stock market may recover from the coronavirus pandemic shock.


Companies You Can Trust for Safe Dividends

At a time when the dividends of many previously reliable companies are in danger, here are some stocks with rock-solid dividends.

Cutting Taxes

How To Use Losses to Cut Taxes

For the first time in decades, there are great opportunities to offset stock gains with stock losses, but you have to be strategic and avoid mistakes.


Double Your Money the Safe Way

Keep this investment long enough and it will pay off big.

Long-Term Care Insurance

What’s New with Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-care insurance isn’t new, but there are recent developments everyone should know about whether you have this type of coverage or not. Read on…

Credit Cards

The Best Store Credit Cards

Pros and cons of the most popular store credit cards.

Portfolio Strategy

Will the Coronavirus Scare Lead to a Recession?

Depending on how widespread the coronavirus is—and how much it rattles consumers—the economic slowdown could become a recession. What investors can do.

Retirement Planning

Secrets to Lowering Your Taxes in Retirement

Here are several strategies—including those that go against conventional wisdom—that will help you dramatically reduce taxes you owe the government in retirement.


Where to Look Now for Higher Yields on Investments

There’s plenty of higher-yielding investments available now, but you need to be savvy about the level of risk.

Financial Planning

Cash-Strapped by the Pandemic? How to Raise Money—Sarah Hiner Talks to Greg McBride, CFA,

Advice for those in a pandemic-related cash crunch on how to renegotiate bills, reduce expenses and take advantage of money that is available to you.

Health Insurance

Preauthorization Traps: Don’t Get Stuck with Unexpected Medical Bills

Don’t assume that every test or procedure your doctor orders will be covered by your health insurance plan. Here’s when you need preauthorization…


Best Places to Stash Your Cash Now

With the return of low interest rates, savers must draw on some shrewd strategies and search for the best sources of higher yields on their savings. Here’s some help.


Videogame Stock Growth

Several trends are driving growth in the videogame industry. Here are some of the most attractive stocks that benefit.