Credit Cards

Best Credit Cards for International Travelers

WalletHub looked at credit cards that are popular with international travelers & reported on which ones have the best perks & can save you the most money.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Beware Mutual Fund Fees That May Bias Your Adviser

Before investing in a fund, make sure your adviser doesn’t have a conflict of interest in recommending it and that it doesn’t have unnecessary fees.


How to Invest in Munis to Lower Taxes

Municipal bonds can provide a good option for lowering taxes. Here’s how to figure out how they can help you.

Tax Planning

Shocked by Your Latest Tax Bill? Here’s What to Do Now

Recent changes in the tax law shocked many taxpayers. How to lessen the shock—and tax bite—next time.

Retirement Accounts

How to Decide on a Pension Buyout

Lump-sum pension buyout offers are about to become more common, but they could backfire. Here’s what you need to know.

Retirement Accounts

Why a 401(k) Can Be A Good Place for An Annuity

Congress is expected to pass legislation to make annuities more widely available in 401(k)s. That will have several advantages…


The One-Ring Robocall Scam

The scammer rings once, prompting you to call back. How to avoid this costly robocall scam.

Estate Planning

Plan for the Death You Want

You know how you want your end of life to be managed. Make sure everyone else knows, too—so your wishes will be honored


When Crises Hit Companies, What Should Investors Do?

After a crisis hits a company, should investors bail out or invest? Here’s how to decide.

The Economy

Stocks Will End 2019 Up 20%, Top Economist Says

A top economist says none of today’s threats will stop the stock market from gaining 20% this year. Here’s what you should do now.

The Pay-Less-Tax Man

Simplifying Your Tax Prep Process

Here are some ways to simplify the process of preparing tax returns in the future and perhaps reduce clutter.

Mutual Funds & ETFs

More Money for Mutual Fund and ETF Investors

A new report shows that it is less expensive than ever to invest in mutual funds and ETFs.

Aging for Beginners

Are You Financially SECURE? What the New Retirement Legislation Could Mean to You

401(k) options are getting better. New proposals in the House and Senate are a potential boon for baby boomers and their post-retirement income.

Health Insurance

What Does Your Health Insurance Really Cover? Smart Ways to Find Out

Health insurance is a crucial safety net. But many people don’t really know what medical expenses are covered. Here’s why you need to find out…

Wealthy and Wise

Estate Planning for Families with Stepchildren

The presence of stepchildren can lead to possible conflicts of interest in estate planning. Here’s how to handle the possible problems.