Bottom Line Inc

Unauthorized Mailing

Readers beware

As a trusted publisher for over 30 years, we at Bottom Line Inc., also known as Bottom Line Publications, take our customers very seriously. We want to alert you to a nationwide scam that has affected many magazines, including our print publications, Bottom Line/Personal and Bottom Line/Health.

We are concerned to find that some readers have been receiving offers for subscription renewals or new orders from companies that are not authorized to market on behalf of Bottom Line Inc., or Bottom Line Publications. And some have even inflated the price of the annual subscription.

We, along with several other magazine publishers who have experienced similar problems, are looking into the matter and are anxious to get to the bottom of it.

In the meantime, we want to help protect you, our customers, by advising you on the best ways to identify these unauthorized notices, including:

  • These fraudulent magazine companies go by several different names—Associated Publishers Network, Magazine Payment Services, National Billing Service, and Publishers Billing Center to mention a few.
  • The current renewal rates are $39 for Bottom Line/Personal and $29.95 for Bottom Line/Health. If the notice you’ve received indicates any other rate, it could mean your dealing with an unauthorized marketer.
  • For renewal forms, the absence of an expiration date could mean you’re dealing with an unauthorized marketer. If there is an expiration date, it should match the expiration date on your actual magazine label.
  • Check the fine print for cancellation fees, another red flag that you are being targeted with a fraudulent notice.
  • The address of Bottom Line Inc.’s subscription processing center is located Palm Coast, Florida. We cannot process or refund payments remitted to any other location.

Bottom Line Inc. can’t guarantee that third-party agents with whom we have no established relationship will send us the orders they have received.

Please be aware this is a nationwide problem. If you receive a subscription renewal or new order notice that does not appear to be from Bottom Line/Personal or Bottom Line/Health, do not respond. Feel free to direct any inquires to or call 800-274-5611.

Below is a sample of an unauthorized mailing, and under it is an image of the back of the mailing showing the cancellation fee in small print.

Unauthorized mailing


Back of unauthorized mailing showing cancellation fee