It’s only natural, after hearing about some calamitous event that claimed human lives—be it a car crash, killer storm, crazed gunman, infectious disease or deadly fall—to wonder whether the disaster foretells the manner in which we’ll meet our own demise. Yet there’s often a huge disparity between the hazards we tend to worry about and the ones we’re actually most likely to die from.

For instance, many folks who remember the movie Jaws don’t dare take a swim in the ocean, though the odds of being chomped by a shark are literally about one in a million. Yet by passing up that swim (or other forms of exercise), they increase their odds of succumbing to the number-one and number-two causes of death, heart disease and cancer, which together claim more than one in four lives.

To put those and many other risks in perspective, we’ve prepared a fascinating “death infographic” on what does (and doesn’t) do us in…

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infographic final