It’s not hard to practice a few healthful eating habits throughout your day. Here’s some help…

Eat two at every meal: If you eat two vegetables at every meal (slip in fruit now and then whenever appropriate, such as at breakfast and snack time), you’ll easily get your “five a day” in…and then some.

Make food less greasy: Who can resist the crunch and taste of an occasional fried treat? When frying your favorite foods, before heating the oil, add one tablespoon of distilled white vinegar to the frying pan. It will help cut down on the amount of fat absorbed by the frying food, and the food will taste less greasy.

Spread some olive oil: Pour extra-virgin olive oil in a wide-mouth jar with a tight-fitting lid and refrigerate it. It will solidify and then you can use it as a healthy spread on bread or toast.

Pump up salad bar soup: When you can’t resist a decadent creamy soup at a soup/salad bar, add spinach, peas or mushrooms to it from the salad part. It’ll taste even better—and be better for you.

Chop vegetables right: Vitamin C is lost quickly after raw vegetables are chopped. So chop veggies right before serving—or after cooking.

Experiment with the pros: Search online to find healthy, delicious recipes that are easy to make for yourself and your family. Here are our favorite bloggers for eating healthy.

Here’s a great page for great grain dishes.

Thanks to Bottom Line Personal for help with these tips.