Good hearing enhances well-being on many levels. It helps keep your mind stimulated (with music and movies, for example)…promotes social connectedness (through conversation and community events)…and helps keep you safe (in the event of a fire alarm or oncoming car, for instance).

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide of ear-protecting information from our top experts in the field. It explains exactly what you need to know to preserve your aural faculties—such as hearing-destroying medications to be wary of…the latest in personal sound amplifiers…a hidden hearing aid that you wear on your teeth…the nighttime strategy that helps tinnitus plus other ways to turn down that relentless ringing in your ears…the safest way to remove earwax might without risking a dangerous skull infection…and more…


Drugs and Illnesses That Put Hearing at Risk

Self-Test for Hearing Loss

Are These Common Pills Harming Your Hearing?

Protect Yourself From These Surprising Causes of Hearing Loss

You Could Go Deaf After Taking ED Drugs!

Surprisingly Dangerous Medicines

Poorly Controlled Diabetes Linked to Hearing Loss

Obese Teens at Risk for Hearing Loss

Devices Ears Love: Hearing Aids, Amplifiers and Special Phones

How to Convince a Loved One to Get a Hearing Aid

SoundBite Hearing Aid Worn Inside the Mouth

Don’t Feel Ready for a Hearing Aid: A Personal Sound Amplifier May Do the Job

Health Hazards of Hearing Loss—and Hearing Aids That Help

Best Home Phones for Seniors

Tinnitus Solutions

Natural Way to Beat Ringing in the Ears

Help for Tinnitus

Brain Retraining Eases Tinnitus

Do-It-Yourself Tinnitus Treatment

Latest Tinnitus Treatment

Dealing with Earwax

Earwax Removal: A Simple Solution for Hearing Loss…and How to Do It Safely

Clean Your Ears!

How to Solve Your Earwax Problems