You may think you know everything you need to do to keep your heart strong and healthy. But maybe you don’t! In fact, it’s vitally important that you do know about some surprising things that can help or harm your heart—and what you need to do about them—because it might literally keep you alive.

The heart of the matter: Bottom Line’s Guide to Surprising Things That Help—or Harm—Your Heart goes beyond the general advice about diet, exercise and medication (if you need it) that you’re already getting from your doctor. Instead, we tell you what he or she might not be telling you, such as signs of heart disease that even doctors miss…a spicy food that keeps your arteries healthy (we include recipes!)…how tickling your ear a certain way improves your cardiovascular health…a common vaccine that protects your heart…the friendly habit that reduces your risk of heart attack 45%…and much more.

Read below for more about these and other surprising ways to keep your heart healthy…

What You Didn’t Know…

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