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I Love Menopause


“I hate menopause,” a friend recently lamented. “I feel old, sweaty and unsexy.” Not me! Though my hot flashes still continue years after my periods stopped, on the whole I regard this change-of-life business as a boon. Reasons why…

  • For the first time ever, I’m not constantly freezing. I don’t have to hit the gym to break a sweat…and I’m saving a bundle on heating bills.
  • I no longer need a separate “fat week” wardrobe to accommodate a bloated belly-or an iron-clad bra to protect tender breasts.
  • When I buy lovely underwear (with money that used to go to tampons), I don’t have to worry that it may get wrecked.
  • My complexion hasn’t been this clear since I was nine. Wrinkles I can live with…zits are the pits.
  • With PMS mood swings a thing of the past, I’m nice to my husband all month.
  • Periods don’t make unexpected and unwelcome appearances during romantic weekend getaways.
  • So what if I’m no longer flexible enough to swing from a chandelier? Sex is more spontaneous when there are no birth control hassles.
  • Though I adored having babies, I do not long for another tot to call me Mama. In fact, as I’ve hinted to my 30-something stepson, I’d be thrilled to be called Grandma.

Yes, menopause signals the end of an era—but it marks a new beginning, too. That’s why, in traditional Chinese medicine, it’s referred to as a “second spring.” Who will I be in the years to come? I can’t wait to find out.

Source: Tamara Eberlein, editor of Daily Health News. Date: December 19, 2013 Publication: Bottom Line Health
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