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Should You Be Screened for Melanoma? Check Your Arm


If you have more than 11 moles on your right arm, you’re at increased risk for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, finds a new study. It means that you likely have more than 100 moles over your entire body, a known risk factor.

The arm check is a quick way to see if you need further screening. If your count is high, schedule regular full-body exams with a dermatologist. Early detection is a lifesaver when it comes to melanoma.

Got fewer moles? You’re not off the hook! Not all melanomas emerge from existing moles. It’s important to know what’s normal for your skin and to let your doctor know if you see any change in the size, shape, color or feel of a mole—or any other patch of skin.

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Source: Study titled “Prediction of high naevus count in a healthy UK population to estimate melanoma risk” by researchers at King’s College London published in British Journal of Dermatology. Date: November 10, 2015 Publication: Bottom Line Health
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