It’s Tax Day, which is a good excuse to practice some age-old stress relievers. Find a quiet space to be still for a few minutes (or hours!), then try these natural remedies…

Get to the point: Acupressure involves activating specific trigger points on the body along pathways called “meridians” or “acupoints.” Specific acupoints can help reduce stress and anxiety in a matter of minutes.

Inner Gate: Place your thumb on the inner side of the forearm, three finger widths up (toward the elbow) from the center of the wrist crease, between two thick tendons (the “Inner Gate”). Place your fingers directly behind the outside of the forearm between the two bones. Squeeze slowly and firmly, hold for two to three minutes, while breathing deeply. Repeat on the other arm for the same amount of time.

Third Eye: Soothe your tension by stimulating the acupoint “Third Eye,” which is located above the bridge of your nose at the midpoint of your eyebrows. Using your middle finger, press gently for a minute or two, breathing deeply as your stress fades.

Chill out: Soak a washcloth in ice-cold water and put it on the nape of your neck. Keep it there for about 10 minutes…enough time for the cold to constrict blood vessels and slow circulation to the head. That decreases activity in the brain’s stress-storing region (the hippocampus), making it easier to shut down your anxiety-causing thoughts.

Indulge in this herb: Have a pizza with lots of oregano. In fact, forget the pizza and just have the oregano. Here’s an easy tea recipe. Oregano is known for easing that depressed, heavy-hearted feeling.

Have a healthful elixir: If you have a juicer, whip up half a glass of watercress and half a glass of spinach. Throw in some carrots to make the juice sweeter. Then, bottoms up and spirits up!

Thanks to Dr. Michael Reed Gach, founder of the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, California, for help with these tips (