One of the most discouraging myths about stroke is the recovery window. That’s the common idea that whatever gains you make after a few months or a year are all you can expect.

Wrong. Disproven.

Study after study has shown that it’s simply not true, yet the myth persists. And that’s bad because it makes people stop trying to improve—and live with more disability than they need to. According to the National Stroke Association, although the early days after a stroke are a crucial time for treatment and rehabilitation, it’s never too late to make improvements after a stroke.

That’s good news for the six million Americans who are stroke survivors. The Association, as part of its Come Back Strong  campaign, has launched a free new app, available for both Apple and Android devices, for stroke survivors—and caregivers. The app makes it easy to track medications, improve rehab techniques through video instruction and find a support group and important contact information, including for your own doctors, for emergencies.

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Two of the most rewarding ways to speed recovery from stroke? Believe it or not, it’s singing and dancing.