People often mention that they would like to keep a supply of homeopathic remedies at the ready for minor injuries and common conditions. Having on hand the eight remedies below, which can help with a wide range of common problems, can form the basis of your own homeopathic first-aid kit, says Mark Stengler, NMD, founder and medical director of the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine in Encinitas, California. Your homeopathic first-aid kit should include the following…

Remedy: Apis

For: Normal pain and swelling from bee stings. If you are allergic to bee stings, seek immediate medical attention.

Remedy: Arnica (in pellet and topical form)


For: Soft tissue damage (to muscles, tendons, ligaments), bruising or swelling of any body part. First remedy to use after an injury.

Remedy: BelladonnaFor: First day of illness with high fever and flulike symptoms including sore throat and/or earache.

Remedy: Hypericum


For: Nerve injury (such as slamming a finger in a door), radiating nerve pain.

Remedy: Magnesia phosphorica


For: Muscle spasm and muscle cramping anywhere in the body.

Remedy: Nux vomica


For: Digestive problems, including heartburn, constipation, abdominal cramping.

Remedy: Rhus toxicodendron


For: Muscle sprain and strain, including tendonitis and low back pain.

Remedy: Sulphur


For: Skin rash, eczema, itching.

Dosing: For each of the remedies above, take two pellets of a 30C potency every 30 to 60 minutes until you feel improvement, up to four doses daily. If symptoms go away and come back, repeat. If symptoms are not alleviated within two to four doses, speak to a practitioner of homeopathic medicine about finding another remedy for that condition that will work for you.