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Scented-Candle Danger


Some scented candles can pollute your indoor air, according to an investigation by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Many contain limonene, which has a lemony scent. It’s safe on its own, but when released into the air, it can react with ozone to create small amounts of the carcinogen formaldelhyde. Plug-ins, air fresheners and cleaning products may also contain limonene.

To the rescue: Of course, it’s best to never burn scented candles inside your house. But a good defense, considering that limonene is in so many household products, is to have houseplants—they absorb pollutants. Geraniums, lavender and many ferns are particularly good at absorbing formaldehyde, the BBC reports.

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Source: BBC. Date: February 4, 2016 Publication: Bottom Line Health
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