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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Modern Ailments


When you think of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, what springs to mind first is probably acupuncture…but TCM encompasses so much more than that, and the powers of this ancient healing system go way beyond relieving aches and pains.

In fact, there’s no doubt that among the many TCM therapies, you’ll find one—or quite a few!—that can help you (and spare you the side effects of drugs). While for many TCM therapies, it’s best if you work with a trained practitioner, there are some remedies that you can make at home and techniques you can do on yourself.

For instance, we’ll tell you which yin and yang foods alleviate high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and fatigue…how to be healthier and even live longer by sitting and standing differently in the morning than you do in the afternoon…why you should pay close attention to your tongue…what kind of asparagus will increase your energy and brain function (you won’t find it in your produce section)…how to make an herbal liniment that eases achy joints…and lots, lots more.

We’ve got so much great info on acupuncture that we’ll save that topic for another guide. In the meantime, check out the big Bottom Line guide to ancient Eastern medicine…

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Date: June 5, 2014 Publication: Bottom Line Health
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