It’s been more than a month since holiday celebrations, so why not rekindle the holiday spirit and throw a Valentine’s–President’s Day party this weekend (or next)? There are plenty of fun ways to combine these two popular February themes…

  • Fancy drinks: Surprise your guests with pretty and tasty ice cubes in their drinks. Before you fill your ice-cube trays with water, put a single maraschino or fresh cherry (commemorating our Founding Father who could not tell a lie)…or a few edible flower petals—such as violet or rose (for the loves in your life)—in each cube compartment.
  • Theme appetizers: Focus on red fare, such as shrimp cocktail, bacon-wrapped anything, cherry tomatoes or strawberries with dip, or something fun like this heart-shaped appetizer.
  • Presidential entrée: If you’re really ambitious, you can make Abraham Lincoln’s favorite food, which, according to A Treasury of White House Cooking, was Chicken Fricassee. Or any kind of party-size pizza, whether homemade (heart-shaped!) or take-out, will easily fill out your menu.
  • Sweets for your sweethearts: Dessert can be anything covered in chocolate…cherry pie…or these tasty cookies based on a classic combination.

(Thanks, Martha!)

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