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Clogged Spray Nozzle Solution


Spray nozzles (on spray paint, cleaners, hair spray) can build up resins, debris and other material rendering them frustratingly ineffective. Don’t throw out that spray can! Here’s what to do instead…

To unclog a sticky spray nozzle, dunk the clogged nozzle in rubbing alcohol and let it soak for two minutes. Rinse it under hot water, and dry it…then you should be ready to spray away.

Here’s an easy way to remove your spray nozzle.

Note: Hairspray usually contains a small amount of toxic chemicals and inhalants. Hold your breath when you use it, and your lungs will thank you.

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Source: Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen are health investigators based in New York City who have spent decades collecting “cures from the cupboard.” They are authors of Bottom Line’s Treasury of Home Remedies & Natural Cures and Bottom Line’s Household Magic and of the free e-letter Household Magic Daily Tips. Date: March 21, 2016 Publication: Bottom Line's Household Magic
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