We love this cheap easy way to dry-clean and freshen up a stale-smelling carpet. Here’s what you do…

Dry-clean your carpet by sprinkling it liberally with baking soda. Use a flour sifter or a fine-mesh sieve to help distribute it evenly. Leave the baking soda on your carpet for at least an hour or, even better, overnight.

The baking soda works just fine alone as a freshening agent, but if you’d like an extra air-freshening boost, sprinkle one tablespoon of your favorite fragrant herb—such as lavender, cinnamon or potpourri—on the carpet a few minutes or so before you’re ready to vacuum. Try the herb freshener if there are particularly unpleasant carpet odors, such as cigarette smoke, mustiness or pet stains, to get up. After you vacuum up the baking soda and potpourri, the fragrant aroma of the herb should grace the air!

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