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Emergency Laundry Detergent Substitute


You thought you had enough laundry soap to get you to the end of the week, but you made a gross miscalculation. Here’s what to do…

In an emergency, when you must do a wash and you don’t have any laundry detergent (or baking soda), use shampoo…that is, if you have shampoo. About one-third cup will do a full load.

In case you were wondering, dishwashing liquid is not a good substitute for laundry detergent. Washing machines and dishwashing soaps both vary in strength…just a small squirt could create enough suds to float the Titanic! (OK, that was an exaggeration.)

More help with your laundry…

Source: Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen are health investigators based in New York City who have spent decades collecting “cures from the cupboard.” They are authors of Bottom Line’s Treasury of Home Remedies & Natural Cures and Bottom Line’s Household Magic. They are authors of the free e-letter Household Magic Daily Tips Publication: Bottom Line's Household Magic
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